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Mutagua falters in La Ceiba against Vida and after three straight wins loses the chance to be the sole captain

Mutagua falters in La Ceiba against Vida and after three straight wins loses the chance to be the sole captain

Direct | Vida and Motagua rounded out Sunday’s session in the Honduras National League

I finish! Motagua can’t beat Vida and ends up tied 3-3 in La Ceiba. The Blues missed an opportunity to be solo leaders.

90 + 4′ yellow! Johan Centeno, a Vida player, is being reprimanded.

90′ yellow! Motagua player Luis Vega has been reprimanded.

85 ‘ Change in life:
Income: Sebastian Espinosa
Directed by: Gerson Chavez

80 ‘ by Little Motagua. He puts the ball in the area, but Ivan Lopez is much younger than Matias Quintero and can’t win the volley.

78 ‘ The shot was blocked by Argentine Agustin Ozmendi, who continued without scoring in the National League.

75 ‘ Motagua requests a penalty for a foul in the area against Ivan Lopez. “Nothing happens, play,” says the center back.

73′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FROM MOTAGUA! Auzmendi receives Valter Martinez’s cross into the area and Yeison Mejía takes it in, who shoots but Brian Bernardez puts it into his own goal.

70 ‘ Change in life:
Income: Johan Centeno
Exit: Brian Visser

69′ yellow! Motagua player Edwin Maldonado was reprimanded.

67 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Income: Ivan Lopez
Exit: Aaron Barrios

67 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Income: Agustin Uzmendi
Exit: Jairo Roches

65 ‘ A mistake at the start of Motagua was not taken advantage of by Argentine Brian Visser, who played a great match against Motagua.

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63Change in life:
Income: Deyron Suazo
Outside: Danilo Palacios

58 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Income: Marcelo Santos
Exit: Carlos Argueta

58 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Income: Ricky Zapata
Exit: Fabricio Galindo

58 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Entered: Yeison Mejía
Outside: Jose Escalante

49′ GOOOOOLLLL LIFE! A painful mistake by Enrique Facussé allows Helder Colón to drive the Motagua goalkeeper into the small area. 3-2 won by Alan Vida.

47′ Spirit of Life! Marcelo Canales, as striker, finds the equalizer after a great cross from Brian Visser.

46 ‘ change in life
Income: Jorge Castrillo
Outside: Jonathan Bornstein

The second half started in La Ceiba: Motagua Vida beat.

The end of the first halfVida loses 2-1 to Motagua, although the red team started with a win in La Ceiba.

43′ yellow! Hector Vargas, Vida’s coach, was reprimanded over the referee’s allegations.

39′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FROM MOTAGUA! Jairo Roches takes advantage of a wonderful cross from Colcho Martinez and puts the second for the Blues in a play that was preceded by a fierce attack from Carlos Mejia.

37 & # 39; GOOOOOL FOR MOTAGUA! Unbelievable…the celebration was vida. Jairo Roches sends a cross and Carlos Mejia seizes the opportunity after a fright from goalkeeper Quinteros.

Gabriel Tellas celebrates his penalty kick goal against Motagua.

36′ Spirit of Life! Gabriel Tellas scored for Vida Reds from the penalty spot.

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35′ yellow! Vida player Danilo Palacios was reprimanded.

3.4 ‘ Penaaa! Carlos Argueta commits a criminal error in favor of the Blues.

34′ yellow! Brian Visser is a booked FIDA player.

32 ‘ Uyyy… a shot from ‘Zapatilla’ Mejía forces Quinteros to throw himself to one side and avoid the first Motagüenses.

25 ‘ Little by little Vida is getting closer, though there is no apparent chance of him scoring.

22 ‘ Dangerous play as Brian Visser was stripped of the ball after a fine tackle from Edwin Maldonado. They asked for a penalty, but the referee said, “Play it.”

fifteen’ Oops… Carlos Argueta’s long-range bombardment forces Quinteros to send the ball into the corner kick.

6 ‘ Motagua runs in possession of the ball, but without creating danger in the coconut palm field.

1First shot on goal by Motagua. The blues begin to put pressure on the red zone.

beginning: Vida and Motagua are already facing each other at the Estadio Sebino de la Ceiba for the fourth day of the Apertura 2023 tournament in Honduras.

life alignment: Matias Quinteros Danilo Palacios, Brian Bernardez, Helder Colon, Jonathan Bornstein, Jane Clever Portillo; Gerson Chavez, Lauro Cimilio, Marcelo Canales; Brian Visser and Gabriel Tellas.

Motagua lineup: Enrique Facos; Jose Escalante, Luis Vega, Carlos Melendez, Fabricio Galindo; Edwin Maldonado, Walter Martinez, Carlos Mejia, and Carlos Argueta; Jairo Roches and Aaron Barrios.

The day ends on Sunday between Vida and Motagua from La Ceiba, in a match that starts at six in the afternoon.