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Musk wants to build a city in Texas called Snailbrook

Musk and his partners bought land to build the city on the outskirts of Austin, near his Boring and SpaceX facilities.
picture: McNamee wins (Getty Images)

several years ago Talking about EPCOTWalt Disney’s Orwellian dream of creating entire neighborhoods of people living in “equality and harmony” under the rules of the Mouse Corporation. I can think of no one better to experience something similar in our time than Elon Musk, and Something like that is at hand now.

Musk seems to want to own a city. To be more precise, the billionaire is building his own “utopia” in Texas and plans to name it Snailbrook, the perfect place where employees of SpaceX and The Boring Company will live while they work.

according to The Wall Street JournalAnd one catchI’ve bought partners s Some land to build the city on the outskirts of Austin, near its Boring and SpaceX facilities. The newspaper spoke to people familiar with the project, and they described the city’s vision as “a kind of Texas utopia along the Colorado River.”

The newspaper reported that the town will be equipped with a swimming pool, outdoor sports area and gymnasium in addition to manufactured homes. The town may also house a small school. The outlet said plans for the site include a gated compound for Musk that will likely be located outside of town.

So Snailbrook could be part of Musk’s stated plans to provide affordable housing for his employees. The magazine reported This musk too It plans to offer homes at cheaper rates, citing an advertisement for Boring Company employees that said employees could rent housing Two- and three-bedroom apartments starting from $800 per month. Of course, with the warning that the workers will have 30 days to vacate the facilities in the event of their dismissal or resignation.

We remember that a few years ago, Musk put out an “urgent” call for more housing in Austin, as SpaceX and Tesla sought to fill hundreds of jobs in the area. At the time, Musk said he plans to form a new city called Starbase at the SpaceX launch facility in Texas, several hours’ drive from Austin. However, it is unclear if Musk founded it that city.

Whatever the case, the question will surely haunt many readers, is it a good idea that Elon Musk wants to open his utopian “city”?

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