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Multiply the balance by 6 in your new promotion

The Cuban Telecom Company (ETECSA) informs that from February 6 to 28, an international recharge offer will be made Six times your recharge balance! “This month of love and friendship, make him feel special.”

With this promotion, every prepaid customer who receives between 6th to 28th February 2023 an international recharge equal to or greater than 250.00 CUP and up to 1250.00 CUP, the recharged money in their main balance will be six times. The main balance holds the specified validity period of 330 days from recharge.

With the balance received from the recharge, you will be able to carry out all the actions that you usually do with your main balance: local and international calls, buy bags, packages, data packages, minutes and SMS, you will be able to do transfers, activate the Amigo plan.

This promotion does not extend the life of your Voice and SMS packages.

By consulting *222# you can track the basic balance. This consultation is free for the client.

The user in Cuba receives an SMS informing them to recharge their account. However, remember that SMS alerts are valid for a period of time, their receipt depends on activity and in a place with adequate coverage, customers can also make balance inquiries.