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Motagua describes the beating scandal of Victoria de Salomon Nazar and drowns him in the championship!  - ten

Motagua describes the beating scandal of Victoria de Salomon Nazar and drowns him in the championship! – ten

Welcome to the minute by minute Motagua vs Victoria!

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the game: Motagua win 5-0

is over! Motagua has no sympathy for Victoria or Salomon Nazar and beat them 5-0 at the National Stadium with a hat-trick from Kevin Lopez.

83 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Income: Jonathan Nunez
Left: Hector Castellanos

82 & # 39; GOOOOOOLLL OF MOTAGUA! Searched and found it. Jose Villafranca is fifth after a header from Klosiner, the Danish player manages to push the ball upside down.

80′ Jose Villafranca’s shot that goes to the Colombian goalkeeper Victoria.

79 ‘ José Velázquez Colón gets kicked out by Gonzalo Klosiner and the Victoria player is warned.

73 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Entered: Jose Villafranca
Left: Evan Lopez

73 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Income: Carlos Mejia
Left: Kevin Lopez

70 & # 39; GOOOOOOLLLL DEL MOTAGUA! Kevin Lopez scores a hat-trick after panicking in defense of Victoria; The game has been filtered.

68 ‘ Change in Victoria:
Income: Edgar Cabrera
Left: Marcelo Canales

68 ‘ Change in Victoria:
Income: Jose Galindo
Left: Andres Renteria

64 & # 39; GOOOOOOOLLLL DEL MOTAGUA! Marcelo Pereira scored the third goal from the Blues after a free throw from Kevin Lopez and a cello header in third place.

58 ‘ Diego Rodriguez brilliantly lowered the ball and crossed and Gonzalo Klosiner scored, but referee Miguel Herrera invalidated the measure due to a clear forward position.

57“Victoria approaches but the ball goes to Jonathan Roger.

54 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Income: Gonzalo Klosiner
Left: Marco Tullio Vega

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54 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Income: Jose Albino
Left: Justin Obando

46 ‘ Change in Victoria:
Entered: Minor Cologne
Left: Marcelo Espinal

46 ‘ Change in Victoria:
Income: Dorvin Sanchez
Left: Alexei Vega

46 ‘ Change in Victoria:
Income: Edwin Alvarez
Left: Damien Ramirez

The supplementary phase begins: Motagua wins a double from Kevin Lopez to Victoria.

The end of the first half: Motagua beat Victoria 2-0 with a double from Kevin Lopez.

43 ‘ Marcelo Espinal received a yellow card for a foul on Marcelo Pereira.

41 ‘ Kevin Lopez is bombarded but so devastated.

38 ‘ Motagua continues the offensive; Now by Evan Lopez who wants his goal.

33 & # 39; GOOOOOOLLLL DEL MOTAGUA! Kevin Lopez puts his name back on the scoring chart and scores the second goal against Victoria.

26 ‘ Ufff… Jonathan Roger almost got complicated; The center changes direction and almost ends up taking a shower.

23 & # 39; GOOOOOOOLLLL DEL MOTAGUA! Kevin Lopez receives a ball in the area, receives it well and sends it to guard and presents it to “Colocho” Martinez.

20′ Marcelo Santos almost scored his own goal. Roger sends it to a corner kick.

23 ‘ Ufff’s arrival at Motagua which almost became his capital.

22 ‘ I play beautiful and fought in midfield. The Blues control the ball but are not clearly reaching.

10′ Victoria is seen off Jonathan Roger but everything is in control in the bottom area of ​​the blue square.

3′ Motagua attacks and searches for the first goal in the match. Marco Vega heads and Robledo sends the ball to the corner kick.

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I started! Motagua and Victoria are already playing at the National Stadium.

Motagua’s assortment: Jonathan Roger. Diego Rodriguez, Wesley Decas, Marcelo Pereira, Marcelo Santos; Hector Castellanos, Juan Delgado, Justin Obando, Kevin Lopez; Marco Vega and Kevin Lopez.

Victoria’s lineup: William Robledo Jose David Velasquez, Kenny Boden, Carlos Palacios, Alexei Vega; Damien Ramirez, Marlon Flores, Marcelo Espinal, Oscar Suazo, Marcelo Canales; Andres Renteria.

the previous:

motagua And Victoria They closed on the 12th of National League of Honduras In a confrontation that promises to be vibrant when they both fight in the national championship led by heavyweight CDS life.

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Capitals and Ceibians are measured in National Stadium At 4:00 pm in the match, which will be broadcast by TVC. set of Diego Vazquez He must win yes or yes, he is obligated to do so in order not to allow other competitors to go in the rating.

blues music from motagua Argentina will lose Diego OzkiWhich due to the accumulation of yellow cards will not be from games but recover Jonathan Rogergoalkeeper, and captain pottery.

It is that the team led by Barbie Vasquez He arrived excited after qualifying for the quarter-finals of CONCACAF federation In a key where they had to pass over academic from Panama.

But the story is different now and although Blue Cyclone grows before dairy workers in VictoriaAnything can happen. motagua He accumulates 12 matches without losing to the Caribbean team in TegucigalpaAnd six not to fall into it National League before this club.

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Al-Mutaji’ – Victory in Numbers

Historical series: 163 matches: Motagua won 63, Victoria tied 44, and tied 56.

– Series in Tegucigalpa: 80 games: Motagua won 42, Victoria 13 and tied 25.

Motagua collects 6 matches without losing with Victoria in the league.

Motagua played 12 matches without losing to Victoria in Tegucigalpa.

Previous record of Motagua vs Victoria

reason: History 12 game from Apertura-2021

Stadium: National. Tegucigalpa

hour: 4:00 pm

transmission channel: TVC

Rule: Melvin Herrera