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Motagua defeated Real Spain and took a slight advantage in the semi-final first leg thanks to the great Galvalez-Diez.

Motagua defeated Real Spain and took a slight advantage in the semi-final first leg thanks to the great Galvalez-Diez.

Real Spain was tough in the series against Motagua. He fell 1-0 in the first leg of the semifinals of the Clausura in Tegucigalpa, and as such he only signs that they remain stopped and without being able to drop out. They haven’t won for more than a month since they defeated Life and it looks like the process will continue if there is no change in the situation.

The Motagua thing was a lot better, he deserved more on the scoreboard, but they had a wall called Luis “Popa” Lopez who was very good, took a lot of the goalkeeper stuff and acted high. He could not do anything except against Matthias Galvaliz, who came complete to cross and sign the victory with the minimum.

Repasa: Minute by minute of the match MOTAGUA VS REAL ESPAÑA

There have actually been five consecutive matches in which the Blues have defeated Real Spain in a row. The return will be on Wednesday in Morazán and “El Potro” Gutiérrez will try to change the face of the team by making some differences, overshadowed by players such as Ramiro Rocca, Mario Martínez, Jhow and Alejandro Reyes. This makes the aurinegros appear to be depleted, as they are not carburetors to attack.

Defender Christopher Melendez crossed out by Walter Martinez and brought danger to Bubba Lopez’s goal. Photo by Emilio Flores

The Motagua feature gives him the ability to hunt for another League Final, and when they come to San Pedro Sula they firmly stop the Masters. This time Diego Vásquez met with “El Colocho” Martínez and “El Chino” López, two players who mix the balance between the rivals, adding to this combat action in recovering Juan Delgado that makes the carburet team. Kevin Lopez puts him in the squad while Galvalise controls his hand.

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Undoubtedly, Motagua in this game also had the good Jonathan Roger who covered the clearest. The Motagua goalkeeper begins ensuring a defense that multiplies. Melendez is nothing new, he is a player who appears all over the field and gives Pereira and Decas the confidence that they understand each other very well. In this period of the tournament, the Blues are the favorites to reach a new final if they continue the pace.

Real Spain defender Getsil Montes tries to cover the ball ahead of the Chinese mark, Evan Lopez.

After scoring the goal, Real España looked very little to equalize and had some brilliance in the match. “El Potro” directed Alejandro Reyes to search quickly for Daryson, and he returned to take up the danger, but he did not appear, it was canceled. Now the days that come in the Luciana neighborhood in San Pedro Sula will be very tense, because the season would have come to an end if important decisions had not been made. Aurinegros need a good change to wake up on a wednesday and take advantage of the house advantage.

Game paper

Motagua (1): Jonathan Rogier, Omar Elver, Christopher Melendez, Marcelo Pereira, Wesley Decas, Walter Martinez, Matthias Galvaliz, Juan Delgado; Kevin Lopez, Evan Delgado and Roberto Moreria. DT Diego Vasquez

Real Spain (0): Louis Lopez, Getsel Montes, Alans Vargas, and Wisdom Quay, Franklin Flores; Gerson Chavez, Joe Benavides, Alejandro Reyes, Mario Martinez, Wesson Mejia and Ramiro Roca. DT Raul Gutierrez.

the changes:
Motagua: Income: Sergio Peña by Evan Lopez minimum 68; Income: Carlos “Moma” Fernandez on Kevin Lopez minimum 76; Income: Jesse Moncada by Walter Martinez Minimum 76; Income: Gonzalo Clusiner versus Roberto Moreira minimum 84; Income: Byron Mendes by Matthias Galvaliz Min. 84.

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Real Spain: Income: Darkson Returns by Alejandro Reyes Minimum 46; Income: Maikel García by Jhow Benavídez min.66, Income: Devron García by Mario Martínez minimum 76.


Motagua: Wesley Dikas minimum 50
Real Spain: Getsel Montes minimum 73

1-0 Matthias Galvaliz, minute. 29