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Motagua achieves a controversial victory at the debut of "Nene" Obando and leaves the marathon in crisis.

Motagua achieves a controversial victory at the debut of “Nene” Obando and leaves the marathon in crisis.

Puerto Cortes, Honduras.

Fitness Trainer Cesar “Nene” Obando With the right foot he started his new era in Motagua beat Marathon 2-1, In a dramatic and controversial final match played on Wednesday at the Chilato Uccles National Stadium, on the eighth day of the game. Final tournament 2021-22.

The Eagles played their first match after Diego Vazquez with positive signals, as they provided a new way to control the ball more with a line of three in the carrying area, a defensive struggle and an offensive drop.

Two goals from penalty kicks scored by Roberto Moreira (78 minutes and 90 minutes). The result of the Eagles, which closed today in third place, was determined by 15 units.

The green monster had resisted until the second half and the score was zero and played with one difference less since Luis Garrido was sent off, however, the involuntary hand of Jose Aguilera determined the fate of the blue team that later ended in dismay with the efforts of the marathon equalizing the score with Edwin Solano (88).


In the latter part of the first part, the Greens were harmed because they were not punished, which was an obvious punishment in their favour.

And the 45 minutes of the first half passed, with a left-footed shot from winger Edwin Solani and defender Marcelo Pereira, which hit the ball with his hand.

The Greens immediately claimed, but incredibly central referee Melvin Matamoros did not penalize what was an obvious penalty.

Unfortunately for Marathon, seconds later, they were left with ten players after midfielder Luis Garrido was sent off for a double warning.

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And at the end of the confrontation, defender Marcelo Santos fell in the area after a mistake by Elmer Goethe and referee Melvin Matamoros did not hesitate to punish the maximum penalty in the 90th minute.

And goalkeeper Denovan Torres denounced the referee’s decision and decided to put himself on the goal line and not launch himself to stop the shot made by Paraguay striker Roberto Moreira, his second in the night.

Marathon reached four consecutive games by defeating them in the Honduran League. Currently he is still in sixth place with nine units.

Starting formations:

Motagua: Marlon Lecona, Denel Maldonado, Marcelo Pereira, Wesley Decas, Marcelo Santos, Juan Delgado, Hecto Castellanos, Oscar Garcia, Roberto Moreira, Ivan Lopez, Franco Olego.

Marathon: Dinovan Torres. Brian Barrios, Alans Vargas, Brian Molina, Jose Aguilera, Isaac Castillo, Luis Garrido, Mallorcan, Mario Martinez, Edwin Solani, Santiago Cordoba.