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Montserrat Oliver’s response to the alleged satirical letter from Veronica Castro about the health of Yolanda Andrade

Oliver Montserrat / Mexico Agency

In recent weeks, Yolanda Andrade’s health condition has set off alarm bells among her loved ones, the artistic environment, and followers, as her closest friends have spoken to the press about this situation, and even opened up about the new controversy that is taking place between her. Coworker and Veronica Castro.

Before the recordings for her television show began, Montserrat Oliver spoke with reporters and admitted: “I still don’t know who I’m going to record with, but Yolanda didn’t come, they auditioned again, thank God she’s better.”

He added, “I’ve spoken to her, she’s better, if she’s got an ugly picture of the bleeding and everything, some little things that are investigating why it’s happening to her, she’s been bleeding a lot, and then she’s got something in one eye that cries a lot and so on, they’re checking everything “.

Yolanda Andrade / Agencia M & # xe9;  xico

Yolanda Andrade / Agency Mexico

Later, Oliver shared his opinion on Veronica’s tweet in which he talked about karma which many claimed was a hint to Andrade.

“I don’t know, I don’t know, whoever falls on the tunic should put it on, whoever has hatred in their heart should send it, if it is because of what they sent or not, I don’t know what goes through the heart and mind of both the lady and all the people who talk. It seems It seems to me that humanity is going crazy, and the truth is that there are more and more people who are embittered and sow more hate instead of sowing more love,” he said.

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When asked if Yolanda was aware of the controversy, Montes commented: “I haven’t spoken to her about it, I think there are things more important than her health at the moment.”

Yolanda Andrade and Ver & # xf3;  Nica Castro / Agencia M & # xe9;  xico

Yolanda Andrade and Veronica Castro / Agencia Mexico

Immediately afterwards, the model also stressed how much she appreciated Yolanda, as well as pointing out that her partner won’t be returning to the sets until she’s fully recovered.

“Yolanda is like a sister to me. Whenever something happens to us we worry. We are the first to run to see what is happening. I am the first to scold her and tell her: ‘No way, even if you don’t record. If you make the audience angry, let the informed audience be angry, but it is better. To put an end to this situation from all the studies and analyzes that they do until they really take out everything that they could or could not be and find you to see what is and fix it for you.

Finally, Montserrat assured Oliver that despite this health incident, Andrade had already appreciated life for a long time. “Yolanda has really learned to appreciate a lot of things since she gave up alcohol, and she works a lot on herself and I think that’s what we all need to do and continue to appreciate, and I think we all value since the pandemic,” he said.

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