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Miss Venezuela wears a dress that references El Salvador

Miss Venezuela wears a dress that references El Salvador

Diana Silva, the Venezuelan who competes in the Miss Universe pageant, captured the capital’s cathedral and the golden-purple sky of America’s cemetery on her outfit.

Diana Silva, Miss Venezuela, began her participation in the Miss Universe contest by praising Savior, the country hosting the seventy-second edition of the aforementioned competition. She did it in a quite exotic way: she wore a dress that showed off one of the host region’s many beautiful landscapes.

The long-sleeved, skin-tight mini dress has an image of the San Salvador Metropolitan Cathedral printed with a gorgeous sunset in bright colors as a background. The design also references the phrase “purple and gold sky,” which is part of the Salvadoran flag’s prayer.

“My name is Diana Silva, Miss Venezuela 2022, and today they complimented me a lot on my outfit. I dared to take one of the most iconic photos in El Salvador and I wanted to take it on the first day of my activities.Diana commented in an Instagram Story.

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The dress embodies a distinctive image of El Salvador. Image is of an illustrative and non-commercial nature / www.instagram.com/dianasf_

As the Venezuelan says, she and her dress were “praised” on social networks.

“What beautiful details! It is without a doubt one of the best”, “Excellent; she knows how to win the hearts of Salvadorans”, “Wow! What a beautiful dress, showing off the beautiful sunset in El Salvador”, “This dress is beautiful. Queen recorded Beauty of Venezuela 10 points, “What a beautiful gesture. God bless Miss Venezuela.”Some social media users expressed their admiration for the South American design.

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It is worth noting that Miss Venezuela and other Miss Universe candidates visited the historic center of San Salvador, where they saw its squares and old buildings, and had fun with dancers and troupe groups. Freedom Park They took pictures with people.

Diana Silva, Miss Venezuela, is competing for the Miss Universe title in El Salvador. Explanatory, non-commercial video/ www.instagram.com/dianasf_

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