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MIR Test Round 1: Tips and Warnings

September is synonymous with getting back into the routine too Upcoming MIR Applicants, who are intensifying their studies after the end of the summer to finish the last year of the degree and start preparing for the exam. For this reason, many of them use their social networks to share tips and warnings to consider when facing The first round of the agenda.

Among the most frequent recommendations, two stand out: Go to class and do all the tests and exercises you can. One student wrote about it: “I think it’s a waste of time reading and emphasizing things, and the best way to integrate concepts is to ask questions.” With regard to the repetition and constant correction of exercises, many users admit it through this technique “You will see concepts repeated over and over again And that by seeing them so much in the second round you will have already absorbed them.”

to many, The goal now is “not to memorize, but to prepare material for future rounds”, so, if you can’t use a clue, “It’s okay, you’ll have time.” However, regarding the implementation of the schemes, there are different opinions. While some admit that they “prefer to avoid” them, others admit that it is very useful to develop “Scheme of the great blocks of which the subjects are composed”, Without going into details.

MIR Preparation Tips: Prioritize Race and Rest

On the other hand, the MIRs also wanted to emphasize the importance of “Always give priority to sixth place in the race” And not preparing for the test, in addition to “engaging in Rotary as much as you can.” However, the greatest advice from veterans to students is clear: “Allow yourself to take a break, it’s much needed”.

“The main thing in the first round is Try to understand very important and frequent diseases. It is also essential that you go to class and take good notes,” emphasizes MIR, emphasizing that “the most important thing is not to feel overwhelmed.” Finally, one user noted the importance of “Business Without Acquisition”-Take advantage of the course “because it is finally your advantage”.

In addition, many MIRs ensure that it is essential in the entire exam preparation process Don’t compare your network with your friends or colleagues.. They say: “It is very toxic and unrealistic, always compare yourself to yourself.”

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