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Los médicos millennials son la generación más

Millennials Doctors, Most ‘Burned’

22 percent of physicians between the ages of 25 and 39 experience fatigue, compared to 16 percent of professionals between the ages of 55 and 73.

the Millennial Doctors They are the most suffer from fatigue. 22 percent of physicians surveyed between ages 25 and 39 reported fatigue, compared to 16 percent of Generation Xers, ages 40 to 54, and 8 percent of baby-boomers, ages aged 40 to 54 55 and 73, according to a recent study after the Covid-19 outbreak by Medscape.

However, the doctors The tenth generation suffers the most from depressionbefore millennials, at 12 percent, and baby boomers, at 10 percent.

The study also reflects the generation of doctors who Exhausted and depressed at the same time. 11% of millennial physicians have both symptoms. Among generation X physicians, 10 percent; And among the baby boomers, 6 percent.

The survey also reflects, compared to Medscape’s last survey in 2018, the percentage of physicians who reported fatigue, depression, or both conditions. decreased by 10 percentage points. However, in the group that responded that they suffered from burnout, nearly six out of ten people confirmed it Fatigue was more severe with the epidemic from Covid-19.

How many doctors are considering leaving medicine?

At least one in ten doctors who responded to the survey believed they would leave medicine for good extreme fatigue. Among the factors that contribute to the appearance of these symptoms, the most mentioned factors were low wagesOverburdened bureaucratic tasks and excessive working hours per week.

One in ten doctors Those who responded to the survey admitted that they think about it give up medicine Because of the problems in Brazilian health, since the survey conducted by Medscape between June 9 and August 23, 2020 of 2,475 Brazilian doctors.

The majority of physicians, 53 percent, reflect that they usually Work more than 40 hours a weekCompared to 26 percent of those who work between 31 and 40 hours, and 22 percent who work 30 hours or less.

How would you like to be rewarded after covid?

Among their expectations for their commitment to fighting Covid-19, 54 percent cite More recognition for workThe second most mentioned answer was “pay bonus” followed by “compensation for overtime”.

Depression was the most common response among clinicians who considered themselves depressed, with work being the main contributing factor. More than half of this group has some depression Impact on the relationship with the patientThey show less empathy and less motivation to attend.

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