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Miley Cyrus rocked the net in an all-red outfit

Miley Cyrus rocked the net in an all-red outfit

Miley Cyrus I got involved in a controversy in recent days. The 28-year-old American singer has offered to help DaBaby after his controversial anti-gay comments. The actress began by explaining, “As a proud and loyal member of the LGTBIQ+ community, I have dedicated much of my life to promoting love, acceptance, and openness.” The core of cancellation culture…but I think it can also be a place full of education, conversation, communication and connection,” blonda began in a broad message.

“It is easier to eliminate someone than to find forgiveness and compassion in ourselves or to take the time to change hearts and minds.” “There is no room for a band if we want to continue to see progress! Knowledge is power! I know I still have a lot to learn….” To finish her message, the translator didn’t want to miss the opportunity to make a candid call to DaBaby: “Check out our DM’s (Private Messages), I’d love to talk and see how we can learn from each other and help be part of a more just and understanding future!” the following.