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Miguel Herrera Made Me Erased in America: Edson Alvarez

Miguel Herrera Made Me Erased in America: Edson Alvarez

Edson Alvarez, another title champion from USAHe revealed some of the things he experienced in 2018, as he confirmed it Miguel Herrera You have removed it from the template.

This was before Legila and in the quarter-finals the machine I hardly watched the minutes, but since the semi-finals and in the final before blue cross, take advantage of injury Mateus Uribe To appear in the tournament blue cream.

“I wasn’t playing, lice He wiped me, he punished me, I don’t know what I did to him, but he commanded erase beforeحو league, I wasn’t playing, except for the generation in which we were champions, we had a great team, Matthews, Linese, Marchesen, Uribe, HenryI, the truth is Jill Chingona too,” he said in a conversation with him golden scorpion.

It was a tough 2018 Alvarez, who scored an own goal in the World Cup in Mexico against Sweden And then play a little, though life and football They had something special for him in December.

“He wiped me, it was the baby, the car got hit, I chose to put it Jedo Previously MateusIt was:EdsonWe caught there, and the truth is what a misfortune, Mateus He was injured in the final, I didn’t play the first leg, Matthews was injured, and “Edson, you’re going back to the final.”

And just speaking of this particular goal, Edson He revealed how difficult it is to face such a difficult time, in the most important show of world football.

“I screamed because I scored a goal myself, I got angry inside, I said: Why is this happening to me? My first World Cup, 19 I play everything. I went to therapy, I went to the psychiatrist to raise myself – to know what it is. People finished me there.”

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