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Miguel Herrera admitted the failure of Tigres not to go directly to Ligue

Miguel Herrera admitted the failure of Tigres not to go directly to Ligue

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Michael Herrera It ended up surprising the Apertura 2022 tournament, because Tigres were among the top four in Liguilla Although they arrived 30 points in the normal stage And now they’ll have to face the Repechage against the worst rank, which is ranked twelfth of the general schedule.

“I have always said that I am not afraid of the word failure and Today we failed to get through the top four. But we failed with 30 points, and don’t forget them either. Since this mode (Repechage) was invented I say so He made our football humbleIt is the first time that a team with 30 points out of the first four has not qualified. To make a Repechage, it’s a failure not to pass between the top four but We will go with everything to reach Liguilla,” he said at a conference.

The DT He explained that his goal was to beat Atlético San Luis So get to Santos with the points and try to make a better difference. Although they achieved 3-0 . win It wouldn’t be enough to dislodge the two fighters, unless Mazatlan crushed them.

“The idea was to score more goals than we scored to go up, but we knew it was going to be difficult because we faced a team that wanted to win to get to Repechage and Wait, rival, see tomorrow who touches us“, pointed out.

Little setting affected

DT indicated that this tournament was atypical due to the theme of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and that this was mainly reflected In injuries to different players, such as Rubens Sambiosa’s injury.

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“It was an atypical tournament due to the rush to hand over the national team players to the World Cup, it was a very short tournament with double dates, and some teams had commitments outside like us. Then, It was exhausting weeks, same team loaned players to teams“, pointed out.

“That’s why I think it was an atypical tournament, and that’s why I think there are more injuries than usual. Luckily we are in this segment. We’ve gotten rid of it a bit and we’ll get into the Repechage area well I am looking forward to playing a great game next weekend.”