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Migración informa trabaja para depurar los dominicanos fallecidos en México

Migration reports are working to clear up dead Dominicans in Mexico

Santo Domingo, RD.

Officials with the Directorate General of Migration (DGM) said they were working to clean up and identify Dominicans who died in a van-truck crash in Ciabas, Mexico last Thursday, which included dozens of undocumented Central Americans. .

“We are working to clean up and identify the number of Dominicans killed in the crash,” he said.

He pointed out that it was not ruled out that Dominican victims included nationals deported by US immigration officials.

It has been established that at least 17 Dominican citizens from the province of Peravia, who attempted to cross the U.S. border illegally from Mexico in the crashed truck, have been affected by the tragedy.

However, it has only been established that 7 confirmed people have died and many more are injured and missing. Among the victims were Edison Pace Martinez,

Luis Emilio Ro Salas, Angel Lugo Garcia, Frandoni Matos Gonzalez, Rafaelin Martinez Castillo and Juan Alberto Soto were among those killed while trying to reach the United States in a truck carrying other illegal immigrants.

Maximo Leonidas Espinosa was injured. The deceased lived in the communities of Catalina, Cañafistol, El Cruce de Ocoa and Las 20 casitas de Baní. Finally many of the missing are alive.

Among those killed were two relatives from the community of Catalina and one-third who underwent surgery at the Chiapas Hospital in Mexico.

The Dominicans paid between $ 22,000 and $ 25,000, according to data provided for Blanca’s smuggling networks to smuggle into Mexico and then the United States.

Director General of Migration Enrique Garcia has denounced the existence of a powerful smuggling network that smuggles those interested in traveling to the United States across the border into Mexico. Garcia pointed out that a network of thugs had recruited people in Bani, a province in Peravia.

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The smugglers left for Nicaragua and Panama, but before reaching those destinations the plane stopped in Mexico, where they stayed from the Aztec city and tried to cross the border into the United States with the help of coyotes.