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Microsoft officially introduces Windows 11

Microsoft officially introduces Windows 11

for several weeks, Microsoft He had indicated this Thursday, June 24, as the date on which he would unveil a “new generation of Windows”.

From that moment, rumors started circulating that it would be a new version of its operating system which would be called Windows 11. It gained strength with a series of leaked images until the expected confirmation from the company.

Microsoft has just officially introduced Windows 11 with a virtual event that is being broadcast all over the world. According to the company, it is the safest version with an important aesthetic change compared to the other versions.

This is Windows 11

Microsoft’s new operating system offers a new look when compared to the previous version of Windows 10.

One of the most striking aspects is the fresh design of the start menu. This section, which was traditionally located on the left, changes position and shape and is now displayed in the center of the screen.

Windows 11

The good news is that if that doesn’t convincing at all, we can change the location of the menu and its apps and place it in the lower left side of the screen, as usual.

The taskbar also changes its location and leaves its corner on the right to be more in the center of the menu, with transparency, textures and more aesthetic changes that give a streamlined design to the new system.

Windows 11 also introduces a new window and folder layout that can be more user-friendly and customizable.

Windows 11

For your part, there is now a better way to arrange windows thanks to Snap Layouts and Snap Groups. The first allows splitting the screen between all user applications, while the second creates standard configurations with a set of them to activate while working.

Windows 11

Windows 11 will also allow you to use Microsoft Teams by default from the taskbar, as well as make an obvious change to a file widgets News, weather, calendar and more.

The new system also introduces significant improvements in the field of video games. Windows 11 comes with Auto-HDR support that will include DirectStorage and the Xbox Game Pass app, as well as xCloud or the cloud, which will be found by default on the system.

TikTok Windows 11

Another important new is that the Android apps will arrive directly on the PC and thus be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

New Microsoft Store

In this release, technology introduces a revamped Microsoft Store with new aesthetics, as well as updated icons and new animations based on Fluent Design.

The changes are not only on the aesthetic level. Microsoft’s idea is that its App Store becomes an attractive place for developers to publish their apps.

Thus, among the main novelties:

  • Offer developers the ability to publish unpackaged Win32 applications, in .exe and . MSI. Which translates to the ability to upload apps to the store without changing its code.
  • Allow them to walk away from their apps and updates on their CDN.
  • Provide developers with access to third-party commercial platforms for their applications.

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