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Mexico qualifiers after defeating Jamaica in the CONCACAF qualifiers

Mexico qualifiers after defeating Jamaica in the CONCACAF qualifiers

The Mexican national team started walking with the right foot during the CONCACAF qualifying rounds for the World Cup Qatar 2022, after imposing 2 to 1 Jamaica At the Azteca Stadium thanks to the goals of the Olympians Alexis Vega And Henry Martin.

ESPN presents the qualifications for the first 11 starts and substitutions made by Gerardo Martino at the start of his World Cup path.

The goalkeeper of a thousand battles with the Mexican national team left the outfit a bit dirty for most of the match, as Jamaica were anxious to leave the Azteca Stadium with minimal injuries.

In the 1-1 draw he couldn’t do much, having faced off from close range with Shamar Nicholson, who was left alone in front of the door thanks to a blunder from Jorge Sanchez.

A secret match from the right-back until the 65th minute, where Brand’s failure on a long ball in the area portrayed him as the closest ‘culprit’ to the Jamaica draw, due to poor handling of the ball’s disposal.

The central defender showed sobriety during the 90 minutes and did not make mistakes that affected the scoreboard and this was Mexico’s best performance in the first row.

The 30-year-old defender emerges as one of the weakest links when he appears on the field in the national jersey. On this occasion, a loose mark in the area of ​​Shamar Nicholson in ’34, as well as another foul by Jesus Gallardo, ended with a dangerous shot on goal by Guillermo Ochoa.

The left-back entered poorly on Shamar Nicholson in a game of moderate risk that culminated in a shot on goal by Guillermo Ochoa. On the baseline, he cooperated moderately with the centers, however, he highlighted an arrival in which he was dropped within the zone and no penalty was issued.

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He was given a yellow card in the supplementary period of the first period and allowed Jamaica to play with fixed time throughout the 90 minutes. In the containment business, he had little to do, thanks to the small attack of the Caribbean rival.

The midfielder, Alvarez’s partner in said third of the field, was responsible for handling the ball, dictating times and even joining the attack or interfering in the area to connect the points.

Behind the center center, he was uncomfortable during the 75 minutes of his participation, until he left to make access to Orbelín Pineda.

Unpublished during the first period, he showed difficulties in communicating with his comrades; In both the right and left lanes, he generated cross passes without danger and sometimes forced, with the exception of the pass that led to the play that was wasted by Rogelio Funes Mori to open the scoring at 24.

On the complement he was more energetic and accurate, until a ball with a clear goal mark hit the post.

Playing Mexico’s first goal in their shoes, a mid-distance attempt that slammed into the defense culminated in Alexis Vega’s shoe, who slashed his way across a sea of ​​legs and hit the cage. On the other hand, Funes Morey gave him the ball just in front of the tire and broke the base of the right post. Minutes later, Jamaica equalized. A missed goal, a goal against. The exchange left at 75 for Uriel Antuna.

Not accurate from the start and eager to pose a danger to his wing, the left winger received an unnecessary warning in the 21st minute, after a strong intervention on central defender Damion Lowe.

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On this occasion, his speed and his mid-range strikes were rare, but his rebound after Roberto Alvarado’s tackle on the right gave him the opportunity to open the scoring, cutting towards the center of his third attack that landed on him with a header. Low shot to the net.

On the other hand, a three-point attack center against Jamaica left his area to search for the ball, before the national team’s slow start and few chances beyond forced passes.

In the 24th minute he failed in one of the two clearest chances of the match, after being sent from one hand, despite the lack of a mark, a serve on the right by full-back Jorge Sanchez, and during the rest of the match he was a minor. in his shots.


With nine minutes on court, the Tokyo 2020 bronze medalist turned the scales in Mexico’s favour, scoring 2 to 1 per hour to give the team’s first three points, led by Gerardo Martino, thanks to his right hand. Fire towards the band.

Pineda used to play behind the center of the attacker, and was a destabilizing element in the opponent’s area. A minute after entering he found an air ball attached to the head, but the goalkeeper covered it up.

As a substitute for Roberto Alvarado at 75, the right winger had a secret move at the start of the tie, without a dangerous play in which he was involved.

The second half came a few minutes ago.

The second half came a few minutes ago.