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Genaro García Luna. (Reuters)

Mexico accuses US bureaucracy of blocking investigation against Garcia Luna

Six months later Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Complained on Miami Against Genaro Garcia Luna, The judiciary is stuck in the window of the country due to bureaucratic problems.

Documents from a Miami court Millennium Had access, they pointed out that the Mexican government’s secretary of state’s office had delayed the translation “for several months” and it did not provide the documents and signatures made in the post in a timely manner. Plaintiff (FIU) Panamanian admits that he could not find defendants, however it argues that this was due to delays in proceedings. Government of To us Revira that he delivered translations “in three weeks”.

The trial against the former Secretary of Public Security began last September. File number 142976852, filed in Judicial Circuit No. 11, indicates that the Mexican government wants to recover $ 250 million from corruption and money laundering.

“The plaintiff (FIU) now needs an additional four months, but he pointed out that it could take a year or more because he could not find even two of the defendants. They say, “says Jeffrey C. Lawyer for Schneider, Alexis Weinberg Pinto and Sylvia Dona Pinto of Weinberg. Garcia has run Nunavu and Gul Holding Sunshine in Luna.

The document also reveals that it did not receive the documents made in the post of the Mexico case, derived from “government delay”. The portal of the State Department records three months of delay in this procedure.

Could not notify FIU

In response to this letter, The FIU He realized that he could not declare to all his opponents in Panama that he had saved Alexis Weinberg Pinto; They also acknowledge that the lawsuit they filed did not follow the language of Florida state laws, so changes had to be made.

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Problems in the Garcia Luna case became clear in October 2021 when the lawyers representing the FIU became clear. To us They said they would seek the intervention of Panamanian courts to obtain testimonies from owners of Nunvav Inc SA, Nunvav Technologies Inc. and Gull Holding Enterprises Inc., located in the country’s capital.

These companies were run by Alexis Weinberg Pinto and Sylvia Dona Pinto de Weinberg from Panama. Court documents state that the companies established in Panama had no physical or legal representation in Florida and therefore could not be charged with these crimes.


In another document filed in Florida court this February 7, Mexican Defense confirms that Nunvav Inc was in fact controlled and operated in Florida and that it was part of a network of companies that swindled money out of former Secretary General Genaro Garcia Luna.

“It was a key player in the illegal contract program with the Mexican government. He repeatedly sent funds stolen from the Mexican government back to Florida,” they told the court.

“They did so to protect and conceal the proceeds of the illegal government contract scheme and to keep it out of the plaintiff’s access,” they said.

Since last September, the FIU has filed the lawsuit in Miami County court and, according to the indictment, Mexico The former Secretary of Defense and his associates are seeking to recover at least $ 250 million stolen, and they also concealed illegally extracted funds.

According to the document, at least 64 transactions with the stolen money were made through banks in Mexico and the United States. Banks selected by the Garcia Luna Network Banksico, BBVA, CIBANCO, Bank of America, Panorde, Among others.

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Co-defendants are his wife, Linda Cristina Pereira, Mauricio Samuel Weinberg Lopez, Jonathan Weinberg Pinto, Natan Voncier Top, Jose Francisco Nimbro Gonzalez and Martha Virginia Nieto de Nimpro.

Some of the companies they have relocated to are: Nunvav Technologies, Gull Holding Enterprises, Glac Security Consulting.

So far, the court has not been told whether Genaro Garcia Luna has responded to the case or appointed a defense attorney.