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Messi points to a Spanish player as the rival he is most angry with

Messi points to a Spanish player as the rival he is most angry with

Lionel Messi He visited the “Ready to Do It All” YouTube channel, where one of his nephews, Thomas, participates. In the conversation, the captain of the Argentine national team touched on several topics, such as his love for Antonella Roccuzzo and also the occasion Who insulted him to the point that it was engraved in his memory.

And also an issue His competitors Especially those who had the Argentine star with them Strong bites. Miranda Albornoz, host of Willing for Everything, asked 10 people who was “the player I felt the itch with the most in the game” and Leo He had no hesitation in answering.

Who is the competitor that Messi is most angry with?

Before mentioning his name, the player from Rosario explained that during his time as a football player for the Rosario club Barcelona He went through a lot of angerbecause on multiple occasions there were important disagreements with Real Madrid players, whom he faced every time the most important Clásico match in Spanish football was played.

Although he did not name the Madrid fans he was upset with, Leo pointed to a player who was even his teammate. Paris Saint-Germain: Sergio Ramos. Messi and the Spaniard engaged in multiple confrontations and discussions in high-level stadiums such as the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, home of the royal team.

“I think that with many Madrid, with Sergio (Ramos), for example, who later became comrades, We fought quite a bit. Overall, the classics were intense, and sometimes we clashed.”

Despite the clashes in La Liga, Messi and Ramos have had the opportunity to do just that Soften rough edges in Paris. During their time as players in the French national team, Leo and Ramos played 45 get together.

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Their first match together was Saint-Etienne vs. Paris Saint-Germain for the 21/22 season of the French League 1. The last That was in the campaign 22/23also from Leagueeven though he was in Day 38 Kiss ClaremontThe team that lost to him 3-2.