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Medical students return to healthcare centers and polyclinics on Monday

Medical students will return to Presence In the Health care centers and polyclinics As of Monday, July 19, as reported and confirmed by the student organization themselves observer Director General of the Department of State Health Services (ASSE), Eduardo Henderson.

ASSE authorities met on Tuesday to notify those taking clinical courses to return. “Today we are participating in a college meeting with ASSE authorities to determine the return of students to health centers,” the group said. Instagram post.

add that Vaccination against COVID-19 is highly recommended, but entry will not be mandatory.” On this point, the college will “work with the Ministry of Public Health in steps to schedule students who have not been vaccinated,” he said.

However, the director of Hospital de Clínicas, Alvaro Villar, said on Monday That the center would “request to vaccinate” students “so that they can contact patients.”

on the other side, Return date and plan for each course or clinic It will be published on the EVA Student Platform, so they recommend you pay attention to update the contents.

From this Monday 19 Higher education courses are allowed to return to face-to-face engagement And during private institutions They administer independent calendars according to the institution, University of the Republic (Udelar) The obligatory nature of face-to-face lessons determined the Riviera. At the same time, Montevideo and Tacuarimbo will make a gradual comeback with some activities.

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