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Medical students conduct medical examinations at the immunization center in former Dinav

Medical students conduct medical examinations at the immunization center in former Dinav

Volunteer goal

Valentina Quattropani, Organizer volunteerExplain how it works. “Once the person is accepted, we ask him about his condition and ask for medical history data. Then you take pressure, oxygen saturation, beats per minute. Finally, we ask them to see if they have any underlying diseases. If the results are high or there is something abnormal, it will be Recommend to go to your doctor. Finally, we present a brochure with health tipsThe young woman explained.

Additionally, he added that “This means a lot to the students. Due to the context of the pandemic, we only had a hypothetical route. So, this is a great opportunity for all the boys and girls who couldn’t go to classes.” In this sense, Valentina considered it a beautiful experience. “In the same way you motivate me to continue studying, it brings me closer to my future career,” he said, which is why she is pleased to offer Counseling for people who may not visit a doctor regularly. In other words, the group encouraged the community to implement controls.” For example, Cardiovascular disease They are the quietest and bloodiest. Also, I have great friendship with my colleagues,” he closed the emotional speech.

Students’ experiences

For her part, another volunteer gave an impression of her. Marcela Riveros Comment that first and second year students go home satisfied and excited Help the people who attend. “I am very grateful to the municipality employees, especially the vital services that have provided materials such as oximeters and tensors,” he said. Volunteering brings learning and friendships. We were also honored to help both neighbors and students in the early years of the profession.

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