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Medical students can report irregularities at boarding school - El Sol de Tijuana

Medical students can report irregularities at boarding school – El Sol de Tijuana

Tijuana. – The Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) has the tools necessary so that medical students and those carrying out their training can report wrongdoing in this, said Dr. Julita Yedera Islas Lemon, director of the College of Psychology and Medicine.

Teaching in hospitals is structured and has a legal basis describing this type of activity: that the student be on a regular 8-hour schedule from Monday to Friday, and complementary clinical practices will be assigned in ABC or ABCD roles, lasting 16 hours, all defined in the Health Act General, in state health law and specifically in Official Mexican Standard 234, which was a standard that was adopted in 2003,” he explained.

The director indicated that in some cases, long working days during training are applied as a punishment for medical students, and in these cases the university intervenes and talks with the hospital director.

When the university does this cooperation with health institutions, we adhere to this kind of situation, and it does not mean that we do not have any intervention. When we discover that there is an irregular situation where the guard is used as a punishment, which is what happened, we contact the hospital director and review what is happening with that service (…) The average guard allows 8 hours a day, and indicated that what they are called guards for a maximum of 16 hours, which is what the rule allows.”

Islas Lemon added, UABC has provided the facility for students to report such overexposures in extended hours, after which they conduct the necessary investigation.

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“We have been successful in reporting cases using a QR code, which we send to us in several places, with their teachers or via email, they give us a fact report and we follow up on it,” he explained.

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For the Director of the College of Psychology and Medicine, it is important for students to realize that the university institution supports them in this type of situation, with some students even stating that a complaint about their internship may affect their admission to another hospital when they need it to carry out their residency.

“Students are getting stronger to file complaints, and one of the important things is that they see the support of the institution and their school, and in the end there is a positive response in what they are asking, and I understand that there may be some kind of fear but the college supports them in all this kind of action.”