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Mbappe takes football to a new dimension in the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Mbappe takes football to a new dimension in the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Kylian Mbappe and a new job in Qatar (Photo: Reuters)

By Andrew Dumpf, Associated Press

Accuracy Cristiano Ronaldo. Vision Lionel Messi. The speed and power of the original Ronaldo, the Brazilian. Kylian Mbappe Take your performance to a new dimension Qatar World Cup 2022. As Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo play in what may be their last World Cup, FW France and Paris Saint-Germain Erases any doubt about who could happen to them As a new star of the sport.

Mbappe put in another fine performance, scoring twice and providing an assist for reigning champions France in a 3-1 win over Poland And next Sunday to reach the quarter-finals of the tournament in Qatar. “We know about Kylian, of course. He spoke on the football field,” said the coach. Didier Deschamps. “It could change the game in an instant.”.

Having scored four goals when he led his country to the title four years ago as a sensational 19-year-old, Mbappe, now 23, has five goals and is already the top scorer of this edition. The nine goals he scored in his career at the World Cup make him the first player to score that number before the age of 24. surpassing the record held by Pelé, who had seven at the time.

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It’s not just about the goals of Mbappe, whose career continues to be compared to Pele, the Brazilian great who’s already won two World Cups by his 21st birthday. Mbappe is ready to follow Pele, Diego Maradona, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi In the pantheon of football greats.

Qatar 2022 – France vs Poland – France’s third goal

“He hurt us today, but I support him because he is a real star,” said the Poland coach. Czeslav Michniewichthrough a translator. “I’m talking about Messi, Ronaldo and Lewandowski. If someone takes over, I think Mbappe will be the best player for many years.” Playing on the left flank against Poland, Mbappe’s greatest glimmer of magic came with a pass to himself and a furious finish to make it 2-0.

In an instant, Mbappe accelerated to 35 km/h as he lobbed the ball into empty space, then passed Przemyslaw Frankowski to lead him several yards into his run. Although this action did not translate into a goal, it did lay the foundations for what was to come on a night when Mbappe showed off all his arsenal.

In his movement towards the center of the field, Mbappe has become a playmaker When he made an accurate pass through the Polish defense for an assist Olivier Giroud on his first goal. Both goals came from powerful shots in the second half as the Polish defenders struggled to match Mbappe’s pace and fitness.

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Polish right-back Matty Cashwho faced Messi and Argentina four days ago, and who defends the best in the world every week with Astonville On the Premier Leagueput Mbappe level right. “When you look at his shots there, it’s unbelievable.”Cash said. “He’s probably the best player I’ve ever played against.” Next up for Mbappe is the quarter-final against England on Saturday.

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