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Mazatlan vs Atlético San Luis (2-2): a miracle equalizer in the last minute

Mazatlan vs Atlético San Luis (2-2): a miracle equalizer in the last minute

Kraken Stadium, Mazatlan /

The Mazatlán FC stayed very close to getting back on the road to victory After 4 duels, but it ended in a draw 2-2 for him San Luis athlete At the time of compensation, in a close match In the pearl of the Pacific Ocean.

The The last parts of the two times was enough for Annotations will arrive, in a The first half fell by 2 penalty kicks And in the supplementary part, another pair should be left One point per campus.

from July 30 maztleco . do not cast Wins, do it against Pachuca On the second day of the match, Potosinos already has 3 very Without leaving with 3 points.

The The duel started moving At minute 5 and Brian Rubio It was the first for Mazatlan and he didn’t take advantage of a mistake Marcelo Barofero And He let her go with a broken bullet.

after, after There were no important actions until now 37′, There was a hand Gonzalo Freitas and Adonai Escobedo scored a penalty kick.

The ball I take it German BertramShoot and score 1-0 Al 39′.

Looks like they were going to rest, but the 45′ there was lack On Brian ColaThere was a penalty kick Augusto thus put 1-1.

Already in the second part, Bertrim to make Shot at 65′, which was unsuccessful.

Augusto Act 2-1 Base 88′, they shot a ball wildly and Beat Barofero.

Looks like the victory was Mazatlan, Even At 96′, Andres Vumbergar head record to leave 2-2 final.