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Martinoli calls DT del Atlas an idiot in Mediotiempo live

During a live broadcast, it is very difficult to control everything that happens, so sometimes There are mistakes or funny situations that later become a trend on social networks.

And only on Friday, in the preview of Puebla against Chivas, Christian Martinoli, Luis García and Jorge Campos gifted little gemssince they left their mics on, so a conversation was overheard where they shot two Liga MX coaches.

Which coaches were they talking about?

During the broadcast on the YouTube channel, Christian Martinoli, Luis García, Jorge Campos and David Medrano were preparing to narrate the match between Puebla and Chivas. However, they didn’t realize that the sound had been left open, So I overheard the conversation between Martinoli, García and Campos.

Speaking without naming the coach only They were referring to Rafa PuenteIt was pointed out that if they tied or lost against Cruz Azul, they would lose their job. On the other hand, Christian reversed the position of the pumas helmsman with that of Atlas, whom he insulted by the way.

Martinoli was heard to say: “Play European, if that’s how they play.” For his part, Campos replied:That’s how it goes, they’ll see if they draw or lose tomorrow“.

Martinoli comments: “If they don’t expel the Malays.” “from?” (fields); “on a slope … of the Atlas”to reply.

What is the status of Puente e Mora?

Both Pumas and Atlas did not have a good tournamentTo display their positions in the public table. University students are in 13th place with 11 units, and Tonight’s loss to Cruz Azul, could be Rafa Puente del Rio’s penalty.

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for his part, After being humiliated in the middle of the week in Honduras in the Concachampion regionThe Foxes, in 15th place with only nine points, have a difficult visit from Lyon.