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Marlon Beguan asks Isidoro from 'Vivir del Cuento' they don't 'believe everything'

Marlon Beguan asks Isidoro from ‘Vivir del Cuento’ they don’t ‘believe everything’

Cuban actor Marlon Biguan, Isidoro in the funny “Vivir del Cuento”, wrote a very surprising message on Twitter, in the middle of the night. Many believe it has to do with the subject of the moment, the arrival of Luis Silva, Panfilo and his family in Miami this weekend. This was what he wrote.

Without naming anyone, or naming the facts, the young actor pointed out on the social network Twitter. “Don’t believe everything the networks say,” he said with many mysterious feelings and smiles in the message. All users agreed that it was about the news that affected yesterday, the arrival of Silva and his family in Miami, amid a crisis in Cuba, where nearly 200 thousand Cubans immigrated to the United States.

Silva may be next in a long list of actors, athletes, doctors, and ordinary citizens to arrive in Miami, not surprisingly. But apparently, what Pijuán is trying to say is that Silva only passes through Miami and does not settle down. This was also confirmed by the independent media CiberCuba.

CiberCuba has confirmed with close sources that they are indeed in Miami, but they are out for a walk and shopping, just as he did on previous trips. This newsroom has attempted to contact Silva, but at the time this note was published, they had not received a response from the humorist.” you read in a note.

Luis Silva in Miami

Before Pijuán’s message on social networks, which is supposed to be about the “suspicious” trip that Luis Silva and his family took to Miami, many users indicated that it would be necessary to wait just a little to see how this mess would end and whether the comedian stayed or not. In the United States, many hope.

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“I still can’t believe what you’re doing here”, “The worst goodbyes are the ones that aren’t said”, “I hope you don’t look bad…they will throw everything on you” or “If Panfilo leaves, what will happen to the humor on TV? Oh my God” , were some comments on Bijuan’s post.

The news of the arrival of Luis Silva with his family to Miami for the first time by the media outlet “Kopalama” and then others responded, but without making sure that the reason for the visit is a complete settlement. It will be necessary to find out if during this day Luis Silva appears on his social networks and updates his status.