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Maria Corina Machado stood in front of a regime police officer who tried to stop a car carrying Edmundo Gonzalez.

Maria Corina Machado stood in front of a regime police officer who tried to stop a car carrying Edmundo Gonzalez.

“My car is my authority, move the motorcycles from the front because we are in a hurry,” said the Venezuelan opposition leader. María Corina Machado used it to defend herself from a police officer from the Maduro regime who tried to stop the truck carrying Edmundo González Urrutia, the presidential candidate, as well as several collaborators with the Democratic Unitarian Platform, through the streets of Caracas.

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In the photos taken by the Venezuelan media VPItv, a Directorate of Strategic and Tactical Actions (DAET)A security apparatus that controls the dictatorship, The opposition convoy is obstructing the request for the vehicle driver’s documents.

“I am the authority, here (the document in your hands) do not show the driver’s license, I ask for the man’s papers, I have nothing to talk to you (with Machado)”“The official said frankly,”

Although the uniformed officer momentarily blocked the convoy’s progress, Both the opposition leader and those accompanying the march put pressure on the campaign to continue.

With 24 days to go until Venezuela’s presidential election, the Caribbean nation’s opposition leader, Maria Corina Machado, appears more optimistic than ever about the vote that will determine her country’s political future.

In the presidential elections, the President of the Venezuelan regime, Nicolas Maduro, monopolizes the entire first line of the ballot.

This sparked controversy and criticism from various political sectors, as Maduro’s image appeared on the card 13 times and the design was opened.

The other candidates, without any women among them, have a smaller and more scattered number on the ticket. Antonio Icari and Luis Eduardo Martínez, for example, appear 6 times each; José Brito 4 times; and Edmundo González Urrutia 3 times.

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Although Machado is not on the electoral ticket, because the Maduro regime has excluded her politically, the opposition leader has placed all her confidence in the candidate of the Unitarian Platform, Edmundo González Urrutia.

Venezuela is heading toward elections that, if fairly fair and transparent, could lead to a political transition that would put an end to twenty-five years of dictatorship.