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Maria Celeste Arras confirms she already has a TV contract عقد

Maria Celeste Arras confirms she already has a TV contract عقد

Miami, Florida.

The Journalist Maria Celeste Araras He surprised his followers on Monday Make sure you already have a new project on TV.

A new TV contract has been signed! You will be the first to know the details soon,” he wrote in Puerto Rican caller In their social networks next to a photo in which part of the new decade is appreciated.

Although he did not give details about TV station In which he will be soon, his fans confirm that he can return to UnivisionWhere he worked 20 years ago.

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“Congratulations, you are the best. This joy, we miss you “,” Finally you come back “,” You make us so happy. Just don’t let M CliveThese are some of the comments Puerto Rico has received.

Where His sudden expulsion from Telemundolast August, Maria Celeste He got the support of his colleagues and thousands of followers.

successful program on youtube

Although it has ceased to be the official image of the program hot redAnd the will rip keep working on His own YouTube talk show: MC Live, which has been a huge success on that platform.

saying The program has exceeded a million views on his YouTube channel, the communications agency reported Maria Celeste 4 last June.

previous january, will rip Announcing the launch of their new weekly show today Youtube where “the main characters of the Latin world share a life lesson”.

“It became a fan favorite” of this Puerto Rican journalist and in a very short time it reached one million hits, a statement said.

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What’s more: Maria Celeste Araras: “No one likes to lose their job”

The first character invited to Arrarás . Program He was a journalist of Mexican descent Maria Elena Salinas, now on CBS News, who has left Univision after 37 years of fruitful work in this medium.

Other celebrities have gone throughMC LiveIs Cuban-American singer Gloria Estefan, broadcaster and Puerto Rican actress Adamari LopezCuban actor Mario Cimaro, presenter Mario Luis Kreutzberger, better known as Don Francisco, writer Isabel Allende or journalist Maria Antonietta Collins.