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Margarita desmiente a Presbot y advierte que "con ella no"

Margarita denies Prespot and warns ‘not with her’

The former Vice President of the Republic, Margarita Cedeno, responded to the accusation of the budget director, Jose Rego Prespot, about the alleged irregular salaries in social programs during the previous administration.

During an interview at SIN Group, Presbot accused Cedeño of having “irregular payroll” within the social programs while she denied this via her Twitter account.

There were no irregularities in this work. As always, I have acted with the greatest transparency, adhering to the legality and morality that characterize me; Cedeño commented on a post by journalist Felix Victorino on Twitter, counting on the support and approval of international organizations.

To this, he added, “No one has double jobs or fees” and that the current authorities have changed one payment method to another.

In this sense, he said he “regretted” Prespot’s comments that he “wasn’t true” and noted that the UNDP also denied this.

“I am very sorry that Professor Rigo Prespot is incorrect in his statements. The United Nations Development Program had already responded to him on this issue, but the line of this government is to attack the good in order to rule with the bad. Not with me!”