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Man disappears from Hialeah home after long police chase – NBC Miami (51)

A northbound police chase on the Turnpike this Wednesday afternoon alerted South Florida authorities after the man stopped at a home in the city of Hialeah.

There he remained for more than an hour, opening and closing the main door of the house, leaning out the windows and turning himself in to the authorities.

Several police patrol cars chased the black Telluride Kia SUV throughout Miami-Dade County.

The 56-year-old fugitive began a chase in Homestead, then took the turnpike and sped down I-75, finally arriving at a home located at 85 West 60th Street in Hialeah.

After a long chase, the man in the truck got off the turnpike at a point in downtown Hialeah while the driver was on the phone with a police negotiator.

The fugitive, who appeared to be armed, threatened to shoot officers if they approached him, so officers backed away from the speeding car and waited outside the residence for the man to leave.

When he arrived at a Hialeah home, the man calmly got out of the truck and walked into the home, where he found him leaning out the window. Meanwhile, officers began to surround the residence with a SWAT rapid response team.

Eddie Rodríguez, spokesman for the Hialeah Police Department, explains what led to the incident.

“A man suffering from a crisis is threatening to take his own life. Thank God we received information that he was on his way to his home in Hialeah. We waited for him to arrive and once there our units convinced him to leave the home,” officials said.

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The nearby Asbury Christian School was closed as a precaution, while authorities asked residents to stay inside their homes and not approach the area if they were nearby.