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Lupe Esparza publicly apologizes to Christian Nodal

Lupe Esparza publicly apologizes to Christian Nodal

last May Christian Nodal Amazed his fans to confess In the dynamic in their social networks that Many artists despised her in her early days.

Among those artists who did little for the singer was Lopez Esparza, Broncos leader and singer, Who has now decided to change his mind due to the popularity Sonoran has gained.

It was through a show where Bronco founder was sorry to belittle Christian Nodal A few years ago.

This was as he said:

“I’ve always said that When a new artist comes out and goes to success, he bids farewell for the first time, Because there is nothing amazing except in this case With Nodal I was wrong“, “There should be no trace,” a translator pointed out.

Even the Esparza lobby Don’t miss the opportunity to commend your great success The talent of the singer was recognized by Sonora.

“I thought he would get there, but he did very well And he’s been reaping cool, interesting themes and I see that potential in him, like this one Take care of yourself and stay not only because of scandalsHe’s a young boy with a lot of potential and he does a lot in terms of music.” compressed.

“Let it not remain only with scandals, Obviously we’re still worried all over Mexico because she ended up with BelindaBut the truth is that I love all his music, “ is over.

Lupe Esparza publicly apologizes to Christian Nodal