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Lumpy covering facial tattoo;  They compare him to Johnny Depp

Lumpy covering facial tattoo; They compare him to Johnny Depp

Christian is my contract It has been more than a year since she underwent expensive treatment to remove the tattoos from her face due to the birth of her daughter female; But her wish actually came true thanks to the magic of makeup.

The 25-year-old singer continues to surprise his fans with his transformation, as on Monday he shared a series of photos from his new video recording in which he appears without his distinctive beard or mustache for the clip of a promising new song. .

“If someone tells you that I have become a bastard…tell him a bastard and a half,” was the message that accompanied the post on his Instagram account, showing different looks.

In one photo he is wearing an elegant gray suit and white shirt and in another he follows his line very much in the regional Mexican style with a leather jacket that he combines with shoes and skinny jeans.

Naturally, it did not take long for fans to react to his new image, as some compared him to the American actor. Johnny DeppOthers praised their partner cazzu For her positive impact on his life, they even pointed out that he appears to have Korean citizenship.

Cristian Nodal gives a special and intimate show for fans at the Teatro Magno in the Spanish capital, where he will return next year in 2024 with a tour of his latest album “Mexico en Mi Voz”/Madrid, November 20, 2023. | Johnny Depp in May 1997 in Cannes, France.

Pranks | Arnal/Katarina/Shario/Geral/Gamma Ravo pool via Getty Image

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“Is it me or does he look like Johnny Depp?”, “You look like the coolest scissor man”, “Congratulations to Kazuo for changing you and making you reborn, renewed and giving you life”, “The Korean knot does not exist”. …” “Wow, how handsome he is without tattoos on his face,” these were some of the hundreds of comments read online.

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