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LUMA Energy restores electricity service to 91 percent of subscribers

LUMA Energy restores electricity service to 91 percent of subscribers

Having successfully activated just over 44,500 customers between Friday and Saturday, LUMA Energy reached its goal tonight, as part of its service recovery after Hurricane Fiona, to restore service to 91% of its customers.

To reach this percentage, LUMA restored service to just over 14,500 additional customers. Although the change was not reflected in Emergency Gateway to the Government of Puerto Rico (PREPS), LUMA Energy’s Director of Media and Digital Strategies, Hugo Sorrentini, confirmed to new day that 1,330,858 customers already have the restored service, which is 91 percent of the 1,468,223 subscribers served by the consortium.

Earlier in the day, an afternoon report from LUMA Energy published in PREPS estimated that 1,321,567 customers had service, which is 90% of 1,468,223 subscribers.

Last Sunday, LUMA predicted that by this Friday between 77% and 91% of customers would have the service, but Governor Pedro Pierluisi said, at the time, that he expected to reach that percentage by midweek.

For his part, the Engineer Daniel Hernandeza LUMA Energy spokesperson, explained to new day Earlier in the day, although there was no visibility of the so-called enclaves, or groups of customers without service in specific locations, you remain attentive to calls from customers who do not have service, while their neighbors do, to attend positions as soon as possible and restore strength.

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