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LUMA Energy claims to have complied with the judge's order to provide the information

LUMA Energy claims to have complied with the judge’s order to provide the information

Consortium Loma Energy On Friday, he filed a motion before the San Juan Superior Court, claiming to have complied with the House of Representatives’ request for information.

“For all this, this esteemed court is requested to determine that LUMA complied with the order of October 28, 2021, and to declare opposition to the contempt motion, dismiss the first, second, and third contempt motion and bring the case,” the 108-page motion reads.

Once the proposal was examined, the legal representative of popular representative Luis Raul Torres asked Judge Anthony Cuevas Ramos to find Loma in contempt by describing the consortium’s proposal as a “mockery” of the judicial process because it had not yet submitted an examination of documents “allegedly covered by reckless assertions of privileges” behind closed doors. The legal representation says the court order was for the documents to be turned over to Torres, not to the court for inspection.

For example, the privatization company stated that it could provide court communications “under the seal of confidentiality” between Atco, Quanta Services and Innovative Services Management firms with the Authority for Public-Private Partnerships (AAPP). These companies form the consortium that is LUMA Energy. The company describes these communications as “confidential documents” that can only be examined behind closed doors.

It will also reveal, behind closed doors, the names of its regional directors,

LUMA Energy has indicated that it is trying to determine whether it has connections between Atco and Quanta and the Financial Supervisory Board, if there are connections between Atco and Quanta with public management, although it cautions that before the privatization contract was awarded “communications between backers and third parties in the The competitive bidding process is strictly prohibited.”

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In business, Loma said that as of October 1, it had 3,593 employees including a total of 273 employees, although they are classified under different categories in a series of tables. They also have 34 technicians in substations and 451 customer service employees.

“The information detailed above responds to and meets the requirements,” the company said, referring to its workforce numbers.

Of the total number of employees, as of October 1, 479 were former employees of the Electric Power Authority.

In the proposal, Luma argues that the only payment for the company’s own funds since the T&D contract was awarded has been the creation of a vocational training program.

“The apprenticeship program offered through LUMA is the first U.S. Department of Labor registered apprenticeship program for line workers in Puerto Rico,” the movement says.

In its movement, the company presented the company’s emergency management plan, clarified that no cooperation agreement had been signed with the mayor of San Sebastian, and confirmed that it had seven contacts available to mayors,

Loma has not provided information beyond that disclosed to Congress regarding the salary of five vice presidents who make more than $200,000 annually and that the salaries of six “top executives,” including those of its chief, Wayne Stensby, are paid “at no cost to clients.” Stensby’s salary is the only one to exceed $500,000 per year.

When hiring law firms, as part of the transition between contract award and June 1, and only in the context of working with AAPP, the firm spent $5.2 million, including $1.2 million through ATCO. In Luma’s case, the company that benefited most was DLA Piper with $4 million. The management of the transmission and distribution system has already begun.

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Loma spent $6 million, mostly during the transition, in law firms for jobs unrelated to AAPP.

Lama pointed out that he did not employ members of pressure groups.

In written statements, popular actor Luis Raul Torres He noted that LUMA Energy did not comply with the court order.

The 108 pages are a legal argument in which they insist that there are confidential documents and that I do not have them stands up to file a lawsuit. “It’s nothing new,” Torres said, noting that the company failed to deliver a series of documents requested by Judge Anthony Cuevas Ramos.

However, Torres commented that it is in the hands of Cuevas Ramos whether or not LUMA Energy has complied.

“It’s the same arguments already made in the contempt hearing,” he commented. “In addition, they handed over some documents and asked the judge to see them in the room so that the judge could determine if they were confidential, claims LUMA,” the legislator added. “Our position is that LUMA has not complied with the court order. It remains for Judge Anthony Cuevas Ramos to enforce the contempt order and order the arrest and imprisonment of LUMA’s President, Wayne Stensby.