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Lula’s strength ahead of the 2022 election versus a weak Bolsonaro

Lula’s strength ahead of the 2022 election versus a weak Bolsonaro

A year and a half before Brazil’s presidential election, polls pushed former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who had begun moving political chess pieces to oust his main rival, Jair Bolsonaro, from power in a few hours.

The far-right leader’s popularity is at its worst since the beginning of his term, on January 1, 2019, and his popularity dropped by six percentage points in just two months, to 24%, according to a poll published by Datafolha. Institute.

The decline in support for Bolsonaro occurs in the middle of the second wave of the epidemic that has already left nearly 430,000 people dead and at a time when a parliamentary committee is investigating the erratic management of the health crisis by his government.

The poll, conducted by Datafolha, one of the country’s leading demographic institutes, unleashed a red flag among government allies, especially after drawing an unfamiliar scenario for the 2022 elections.

Lula will have a huge advantage in the first round of the presidential election (41%) and win in the second round with 55% of the vote against Bolsonaro (32%), whose disagreement is currently 45% one point. Most of the month of March.

54% of those surveyed admitted they would not vote for Bolsonaro under any hypothesis, compared to 36% who strongly rejected Lula’s name.

This is the first major poll of voting intentions since the progressive leader’s convictions were quashed a little over two months ago.

The Supreme Court canceled 4 trials against Lula in the local courts in Curitiba due to conflict of jurisdiction and decided to reopen the cases in the federal courts, thus annulling the sentences imposed against him that had been sentenced to nearly 26 years in prison.

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After the sentences were annulled, Lula, 75, regained his political rights, which were canceled in 2018 after being convicted in the second instance of corruption, which prevented him from running in the elections that year.

Then Bolsonaro won in the second round with 65% of the vote progressive candidate Fernando Haddad, Dolphin Lula politician, who spent 580 days in prison for corruption.

Lola move potato chips in front of a poor pager

Although he has yet to confirm his candidacy, the former trade union leader has given clear signals that he will try to wrest the presidency from Bolsonaro in next year’s election, and the elections are currently favoring him.

Lula, a political animal with extensive experience when it comes to weaving and non-woven alliances, has already begun to seek support for 2022. To do so, last week he traveled to Brasilia, where he met MPs from all parties, except for the right. And the far right.

The former president, who has already been vaccinated with the two anti-virus vaccines, is hoping to embark on a tour around the country when the epidemic recedes in order to regain the land he lost during his time in prison and later imprisoned due to the Coronavirus.

The Datvolha survey confirmed the emergence of Lula among the poorest strata of the population, which the Brazilian president tried to approach last year by distributing a subsidy to mitigate the effects of the epidemic, which he reduced this year despite the worsening situation. the crisis.

The day after the poll was launched, Bolsonaro visited the state of Alagoas, in northeastern Brazil, which is an election stronghold of the Workers’ Party and where he is most likely to refuse.

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The head of state did not refer directly to the polls, but he posted a video on social networks showing him taking a bath en masse in front of hundreds of people who were waiting for him upon his arrival at Maceio Airport, the capital. From Aguas.

In his brief speech, Bolsonaro accused the parliamentary committee charged with investigating the government’s management of the epidemic and affirmed that “God alone” would remove him from the presidency.

He said, “God alone takes me out of this chair.”