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Los Jetas frees two Honduran immigrants abducted in Mexico

Los Jetas frees two Honduran immigrants abducted in Mexico


Two Honduran immigrants have been released after the abduction of the dangerous Los Jetos cartel in Mexico.

Relatives of the immigrants had to pay $ 7,000 (approximately 170,000 lambs) to the Mexican criminal organization in exchange for their freedom. Thus, they were liberated by Los Jetas and returned to the Honduran Honduran area.

After the spread of photos in recent days as Hondurans were threatened with weapons by criminals, pictures of immigrants tasting the food confirmed their freedom.

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They were kept in certain places in Mexican geography for several weeks. Later, the kidnappers contacted the families of immigrants in Honduras seeking the money.

They sent scary videos to immigrants; They beat them up and declared that if they were not paid, they would take their lives violently.

Hondurans originally belonged to the El Jobo, Nakome, Valle community in southern Honduras. They emigrated to the United States via the borders of El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico, but were later detained by members of that criminal organization in that country.

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Keila Garcia, the sister of an immigrant, called the daily Hoy Hoi to give Los Jetas every day a final warning to pay the family. “Hondurans was released and returned to Honduras, details are unknown.

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