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Lorena Alvarez surprised after saying goodbye to the news bulletin “90s – Night Edition” Farándula Instagram NNDC | Persons

journalist He surprised more than 190,000 Instagram followers after announcing that he was bidding farewell to the news bulletin “90 Seconds – Night Edition” this week due to the fact that the Latina show will be renewed.

“This week I closed a cycle. Say goodbye to #90 Noshi. A newscast that started with me and a nice team in 2017 and lasted only 30 minutes. For just over a year, we’ve been on the air. Then the news came back in a more comprehensive format with Mónica and in May 2021 I had to come back. This Thursday, it ends. I’m glad I was the one who fired him. It is good to close what one has started. @latina.pe’s nightly programming has been renewed and it’s great”, He wrote in the first lines of his long letter.

In addition, the journalist ruled out leaving Latina, promising her fans that she would soon give new news. “What am I going to do? Quiet. I’ll tell you faster than you think. Of course, I stay at @latinanoticias.pe doing what I love, the press. 15 years dedicated to commerce and television”, added.

Finally, Lorena thanked her followers for “always opening the doors of their lives to her.” “Thank you for opening the doors of your life to me, not only from the traditional screen of entering your homes but from your mobile phones and thus accompanying you at work, on the road, in your day to day. Looking back, let one feel proud of the path we took,” Been completed.

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