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Lord Stephen, the new host of Hoy Dia in the absence of Adamari Lopez and Penelope Menchaca | Telemundo | Celebrities from the United States | nndaml | fame

At the end of November 2022, Telemundo began creating a Restructuring in many of its programsIt seeks to renew its products in the face of declining audience numbers “today” One of the main sufferers, as they were separated Kiki Usalis And Stephanie Hemonides “Chiquibaby”.

The changes to the Spanish network’s most important morning show in the United States came about due to trying to beat the advantage achieved by “Despierta América”, he revealed. Gossip is not likefor which they called characters like Penelope MenchacaAnd Andrea MezaLisette “Chicky Bombom” Eduardo W Daniel Arenaswhich joined Adamari Lopez.

But Telemundo has suffered a loss of hosts in recent days.The Golden Shorty“One of the biggest absentees and has prompted the chain to look for new options to fill the void.

“Hoy Dia” has been revamped with new leaders and producers (Photo: Telemundo)


Due to the absence of Adamari López and Penélope Menchaca, who took a few days off due to personal problems, the production, led by Dio Lluberes, looked for a suitable replacement for the position.

So the Dominican journalist Lourdes Stephen She joined the morning program of the Spanish channel, a responsibility that she must take on along with her participation as host of Al rojo vivo, alongside Jessica Carrillo.

This week we have our guest host Lord Stephen‘, a story shared on the show’s social networks, which has more than four million followers.

In the same way, the presenter was happy with the new challenge and highlighted her two new projects with a post on social networks.

What a lovely way to start a week that prepares you! Thank you for the invitation, dear comrades.Along with a photo on set, he indicated that he was a guest star of Mario Bautista.We start the week with a blast of energy to the beat of Brendo!“, he added.

Lourdesstephen shared her first morning on ‘Today’ (Photo: lourdesstephen/Instagram)

Are you leaving Lord Stephen today?

With this, Lourdes Stephen will be on Telemundo’s signal twice, because after “Hoy Día,” it will return to screens at 4 PM (ET) with “Al Rojo Vivo.”

How was your morning today?Frederick Oldenburg asked, to which the journalist did not hesitate to answer with a laugh:Well, today we’re all right, and this afternoon we’ll meet at Al Rojo and we’ll talk“.

On the other hand, on her social networks, where she has nearly 700,000 followers, the host shared a video of her first joining the “Today” program and the “Evening program”. “Happy to be back on my dear Al Rojo Vivo! see you tomorrow!

Lord Stephen at the University

It should be noted that Stephen already has experience in the morning shows, because before joining Telemundo, the Dominican was a segment presenter on “Despierta América”, the Univision program that is the main competition for the program she presents now.

The presenter joined Telemundo in August after several years at Univision, and accompanied Jessica Carrillo to host one of the network’s flagship programs.

This has been great. The reception was phenomenal. Starting with Jessica Carrillo. She is a beautiful woman. He made me feel right at home. I feel like I’m living a fairy taleHe commented in an interview with.

Lourdes Stephen joins Jessica Carrillo on “Al Rojo Vivo” (Photo: Lourdes Stephen/Facebook)

More information about Telemundo

Why did Adamari Lopez miss “Today”?

as expected, Adamary LopezHe was the target of criticism and questioning on social media because of his absence from the morning, which is why thousands of netizens did not hesitate to comment on his sudden absence on Telemundo’s morning account.

However, the reason why we don’t see our beloved presenter “today” It’s simple. As confirmed by the media “People en Español”, Adamari had days off and the permission to be absent from the program. Learn more here.

Adamari López is very close with her daughter, Ala, whom she had with Tony Costa and with whom she lives alone in Miami (Photo: Adamari López/Instagram)

Why did you do the scenes of the TELEMUNDO by Rafael Amaya in “EL SEÑOR DE LOS CIELOS 8”?

In an interview with the program “La mesa caliente”, Tali Garcia and Alan Slim talk about scenes from the eighth season of “El señor de los cielos” that Telemundo censored. The Spanish-language chain considered that they could not convey footage that was too violent or too risky.

The representatives confirmed that there were several scenes from “El señor de los cielos 8” that had been banned by Telemundo, and at the same time announced that scenes not seen by the Spanish-language network would be available via the Peacock platform. More details here.

Rafael Amaya as Aurelio Casillas in “El señor de los cielos 8” (Photo: Telemundo)

The new host of “Despierta América”

The driving problem is not limited totodayWell, in the front program the situation is similar, with Univision recently announcing a surprise return of its team of presenters.

And although the program has wonderful and charismatic presenters, a new personality has also joined the morning once again, to smile among his colleagues.

After the announcement, and after the doors were opened for her arrival, Despierta América was joined by Jackie Gerrido, dressed in yellow and singing “How Beautiful This Life Is”. Learn more here.

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