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"Mírala, mírala, mírala, miralá" ahí está Ana Belén, a sus 70 años

“Look at it, look at it, look at it, look at it.” There is Anna Belen, who is 70 years old

As the chorus “La Puerta de Alcalá”, one of his legendary songs, says, “Look at her, look at her, look at her, look at her. There Anna Belen, who is 70 years old, can flaunt a calm beauty, framed in an overwhelming physique,” Embody elegance and have an “innate style”.

She became famous since she was thirteen years old when she portrayed “Zampo y yo” (1966), Maria del Pilar Cuesta Acosta, who This Thursday, May 27 he turns 70 years old, He grew up on 11 Calle del Oso in Madrid’s Lavapiés neighborhood.

His mother, Pilar, was the gatekeeper to the building. His father, Fermin, worked as a chef at the Palace Hotel in Madrid.

Soon it became a symbol of transition. The inspiration for designer Jesús del Pozo, her image has inspired several generations of women, from short jeans with tight-fitting shirts and a scarf tied around the neck to gorgeous dresses she wore on stage and red carpets like the one in the blue well she got Goya of Honor in 2017.

Anna Bellin (Madrid, 1951), tall woman with pronounced fragility, black eyes and angular features, throughout her life has developed a sophisticated, simple and natural style.

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“Genes,” this is the interpretation given by Anna Beilin, a passion for sewing and a woman of amazing style, along with her young man.

“Eclectic, knit, timeless and modern,” defines designer Ulysses Merida Anna Bellin, who worked in the Jess del Pozo workshop from 1995 to 2000 and sewed many of the dresses she wore.

“Anna Belén greatly respected the seamstress of Jess del Pozo and completely understood the spirit of the house,” she explains in an interview with Evie Ulysses Merida who recalls that del Pozo started his career in 1974, in the first seeds of Mofeda, a period when he knew her.

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Remember that the heroine of “Fortunata y Jacinta” (1980) had a special gift and knew how to interpret dresses perfectly, “She gave life to the innovations of Jesús del Pozo”.

When she got to the auditions, she did not remain like a model, “she moved, looked at herself again and again in the mirror while studying clothing movements, realizing her importance on stage.”

The relationship between Jesús del Pozo and Ana Belén was amazing, “They matched nicely and they both know exactly what they want,” adds Merida, who still wears a metallic organza dress on her retina with curly elements at the bottom.

If an analysis is made of his style, it can be seen that “he did not like the obvious or the sharp, he preferred clothes with character,” says the designer, who admits that the hero of Libertarias (1996) is “the body of contemporary elegance”.

For designer Juan Doyos, the protagonist in “Turkish Passion” (1994) has an “innate style” that knows how to take the 1980s aggressively, “always its content, but with a very complete point.”

He adds that he remembers being cool in the ’90s, “he was a symbol for politicians,” and now they have an atmosphere and a style that makes him “strange and unique.”

Veronica Appian and Sergio de Lazaro, the creative tandem at Otrora, define Anna Bellin as “a woman of good taste, who always has a good sense of choosing a dress according to where she is going to wear it.”

Through his outfits, he “was able to modify the message he wanted to send, as well as his personality and values,” says Sergio de Lazaro, who finds it very exciting to see “the precious way in which he used sensuality and sexuality to show your sensitivity, your femininity”.

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With his style he conquers all around him, To camera, media, and scenes. “She was able to do very well with her dressing style, her elegance, and she is the owner of simple and subtle seduction and sheer thread.”

Very sure of itself And with a great personality, “he chose simplicity and simplicity, he knew how to choose what to wear,” says Veronica Appian.

In the imagination of the Ilanto brothers Inaki and Aitor Muñoz, Anna Bellin “appears in flowing dresses by Jesus del Pozo”.

She also remembered in 2011 wearing the Sibylla dress, which the designer designed in 1996, “The dress was not an advance of the collection, but a museum piece.”

Anna Bellin, one of the most supportive actresses of Spanish design, “made an ode to an entire era of Spanish fashion.”

Many generations have grown up singing his songs and watching his movies, and others studying his style. Now the singer and actress continues to maintain her captivating smile and calm elegance that she will definitely show at the premiere of “Antonio Y Cleopatra”, at the Almagro Classical Festival.