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Live broadcast: Barcelona meets Juventus in the Joan Gamper Cup!  - ten

Live broadcast: Barcelona meets Juventus in the Joan Gamper Cup! – ten

78 & # 39; The change in Barcelona: Braithwaite cheers after his goal, and enters Rey Manaj.

74 & # 39; Losing Riqui Puig, who didn’t see McKinney press him and the American stole the ball.

73′ minute is very inaccurate in Juventus, allowing Barcelona to recover in the attacking area.

71′ Double change in Barcelona: Sergi Roberto and Alba leave for Riquel Puig and Baldi.

69 & # 39; The party reduced a bit of revolutions with the changes. And more are coming to Barcelona.

Shot 67 & # 39; Griezmann hits Bonucci over the barrier and the central defender is lying on the grass after receiving the ball in his face.

66 & # 39; Chiellini’s mistake on Griezmann at the front of the area. Memphis and the French are preparing for the auction.

65 & # 39; Barcelona regains control of the ball and is looking for the third goal to close the victory.

63 & # 39; Emerson plays his first minutes as a Barcelona player. The Brazilian wants to show his offensive image as a winger.

61 & # 39; Triple change in Barcelona: Dest, Araújo and Demir come out for Emerson, Umtiti and Nico.

60′ Four changes in Juventus: Rugani, Bernardeschi, Morata and de Ligt, entering Ranuccia, Marquez, Chiellini and Bonucci.

59′ Changes are being prepared at Barcelona and Juventus. Emerson Royal will make his debut as a Barcelona player.

58 & # 39; Braithwaite appears after a corner kick in the form of a shot and heads the cut ball to the ground to score 2-0 at Juventus.


54 & # 39; Good defensive help inside the zone by Dest. Juventus was in danger.

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52′ Another occasion for Juventus. Morata heads, but sends her high.

49 ‘ ¡¡Ojo with the Church!! Shot from the front of the Italian that Neto wiped for a corner kick with a good hand down.

48 & # 39; Demir’s shot from the edge hits the defender and Pinsolio, who came through Chesney, stopped without problems.

46 ‘Barcelona confirms the presence of 2,924 spectators in the stadium to watch Gamper against Juventus.

45′ Start the second half!!

The end of the first time!! Barcelona go to rest with a minimal victory over Juventus thanks to Depay.

45+1′ Cristiano Ronaldo free kick and Neto kicks off to catch. The Portuguese star stayed with desire.

45′ Only 1 minute added.

44 ‘ net abbreviation!! A great pass now from Cuadrado to Morata, the Spaniard finished first with the Barcelona goalkeeper wearing his gloves to avoid his goal dropping.

42 & # 39; Juventus starts playing more in the Barcelona area at the conclusion of the first half.

40 & # 39; Morata offside after a pass from Bentancur who stole the ball from Sergi Roberto in midfield.

38 ‘ Double occasion for loofah!! De Ligt tried it first and then Morata, but Neto responded correctly in both actions.

37 & # 39; Another goal was canceled by Barcelona. Braithwaite’s shot that was apparently offside and Griezmann picked up the rebound to score, but the goal did not rise. A very questionable move.

36 & # 39; The first yellow of the game is for Braithwaite.

34 & # 39; Good pressure from Griezmann in recovery. The attacker tries to impress the audience.

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32 ‘ ¡¡UUUUFFFF!! Zapatazo through Di Siglio, who is close to Neto’s goal. He did not enter the Troupe of Miracles.

30 & # 39; Clash Dest with Cristiano and Alex Sandro. The Juventus team is complaining of pain.

29 & # 39; Good chance to destroy. He recovered in the opponent’s court, again, and finished on goal, but the goalkeeper stops.

26 & # 39; Barcelona is playing well. Take the lead and get the ball.

24 & # 39; Barcelona touches and touches, patiently looking for a gap between the defense of Juventus.

22 ‘ near!! A combination on the left between Memphis and Alba, who crosses low but finds no partner to finish the ball at the back of the net.

20 & # 39; Barcelona scored via Demir, but before Griezmann, who took part in the play, was offside. We continue 1-0.

19 & # 39; Griezmann’s free kick goes beyond the top. It seems that the Frenchman will now be the owner of the parked balls at Blaugrana.

17 & # 39; Alex Sandro’s fault on Dest, who behaves very offensively and contributes to the right wing.

15 & # 39; Cristiano Ronaldo’s shot sent by Neto to the corner. Juventus was encouraged.

12 & # 39; Busquets receives a mistake in the middle of the field and Morata apologizes to him.

10 shouts “Messi, Messi” at this minute. culé fans pay tribute to Leo, the most important player in Barcelona’s history.

9 & # 39; De Sciglio’s fault on Griezmann at the top of the area. A dangerous position for Barcelona to take advantage of the stopped ball.

8 & # 39; Long possession of Barcelona, ​​who is the biggest dominator of the game both in play and on the scoreboard.

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7 & # 39; A powerful shot from Sergino Dest just goes out of the Juventus goal.

5′ Depay has already scored three goals in the four games he played for Barcelona since his arrival. enormous.

4 & # 39; Memphis Depay opens the scoring after receiving without marks and shooting goalkeeper Szczesny. The Catalan team has already won.


1′ Barcelona goes out and plays quietly. Juventus is just waiting for this first minute.

The party has begun! Barcelona and Juventus play for the Joan Gamper Trophy at the Camp Nou… and for pride.

His final pre-season test Barcelona Before the start of the League next Sunday. the Juventus Today it will be Barcelona’s contender for the Joan Gamper Cup, where the team will be presented before the match.

Messi says the truth about his departure from Barcelona

It will be the first official match in it Leo Messi He would have already left the Catalan club, because although his contract with the entity expired in June, both parties seemed doomed to understand each other but in the end the ‘renewal’ was not completed.


Barcelona: Network; Dest, Araujo, Pique, Alba; Sergi Roberto, Busquets, Demir; Depay, Griezmann, and Braithwaite.

Juventus: Chisney. de Siglio, de Ligt, Rugani, Alex Sandro; Ramsey, Bentancur, Cuadrado, Bernardeschi; Cristiano Ronaldo and Morata.

Schedule: 1:30 p.m. from Honduras.

moving in: Sky Sports and YSPN.