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Lionel says government has ‘lost scruples’ and buys opponents |  AlMomento.net

Lionel says government has ‘lost scruples’ and buys opponents | AlMomento.net

Santo Domingo, July 1 (EFE). – The President of the Popular Force (FP), Leonel Fernandez, today denounced that the government party and its officials had taken on the “buying of militants” from other political entities as a major task in their electoral campaign.

“One sees how this government, which has come to present itself as elegant, as people of integrity, upholding morals, upholding morality, fighting corruption, today has lost its concern and is touring the country distributing millions of the Dominican people in order to conquer the corrupt wills Because she really lacks a conscience,” said Fernandez.

The former president issued these considerations during a meeting of the leaders of the metropolitan cities of Santo Domingo and Monte Plata held in the capital, according to his communications office.

The political leader emphasized that “those who sell themselves have no conscience, no ideology, do not believe in people, and only believe in how to enrich themselves, but they do not realize that their image is poor because of perception. , by the assessment made by the Dominican people.

Fernandez said: “Deep down, the government knows we are only three points apart and we are on the margin of error. They know that and they want to generate the perception that they are about to be able to win in the first round, which is not possible, because in the first half of This year, the year before the elections, GDP only grew by 1.2 percent. ».

“I don’t know of any place in the world where a government can be re-elected when the economy is growing at only 1% of GDP,” said the former governor. The head of the popular force is specified.

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The purpose of the activity led by Fernandez was to revise Fuerza del Pueblo’s proposed goal of obtaining the necessary affiliations to reach the two million members of the main opposition political organization.