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Leonel aspira a que Medicare de Estados Unidos se pueda usar en República Dominicana

Lionel believes medical insurance from the United States can be used in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, former President Lionel Fernandez expressed his desire this Sunday that retired Dominicans could use America’s social security and health tools.

“Taking into account his word, the retirees who have worked in the United States are the ones who have reached an agreement with the federal government of the United States. Retire to Dominican Republic and work in the Dominican Republic for Medicare, Medicare and Social Security“, Said the leader of the People’s Army.

Fernandez made the remarks while administering the oath of office to the new leaders of the People’s Army in Florida, USA. He pointed out that people living in the diaspora there, even though they live in a country where opportunities are high, do so for only one reason. , “Because they want the Dominican Republic.”

When Lionel Fernandez delivered his speech, he also mentioned the development of the country in terms of democracy.

In this regard, he mentioned one of the promises that will transform the country from the 1996 campaign, while at the same time pointing out the great infrastructure work that can be visualized and show progress and modernization.

There is little New York“Works out there,” he pointed out.


The former president is touring the United States, which began last Wednesday, passing through several cities across the country, exhausting the agenda of meetings and oaths.

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The route began in New Jersey, followed by Fort Myers, Tampa, Orlando and Miami.