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Lice, is it you?  Solari "get ready" with the referee and was sent off

Lice, is it you? Solari “get ready” with the referee and was sent off

Puebla /

the procedures in a Cuauhtemoc Stadium Is also ‘warm‘Also in Less than 5 minutes, Club America has already seen two red cards; The first was DT Santiago Solariand following his “good example” Roger Martinez.

America started winning This game with an early goal of Salvador Reyes, Who is the Register in just 9 seconds; After this procedure, they were more conservative, nerves broke out and now the Eagles had a serious problem.

Santiago Solari went crazy against the referee

America She withstands attacks well PueblaSo far, there has been no obvious risky action against him but Everything will change for him minute 31, where Roger Martinez made a mistake s Solari could not stand Oscar Mejia Garcia.

Martinez single mode kick Still The player of Puebla and Mejia did not hesitate No second to show you yellow; before I showed it to him, Santiago Solari enters the field He said it all to the whistle, so he got the red card.

people said that Solar Brought Effects with oscar mijia Since in previous duels where zeroing was done, “He does it badly and it hurts them”, That’s why he reacted.

Roger Martinez decided to accompany Solari

after minutes, Al 36Things were going to get worse for him America, we will Segovia I would win the race Roger Martinez But the attacker Decide to put the iron on and off.

oscar mijia did not hesitate and Show him the second yellow card To South America, so far the Eagles Must Face this match with 10 men And without DT on the bench. Bad and bad.

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