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Level 2 Geomagnetic Storm Alert that will affect Earth in Step #2

Level 2 Geomagnetic Storm Alert that will affect Earth in Step #2

NASA denies the possibility of a global blackout due to a solar storm on Earth – Image: AP

The US National Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) reported three days ago that a geomagnetic storm would be emitted on September 2. This is how the Colombian magazine reviewed it week.

The announcement coincides with the study presented earlier this year by Dmitriy Fayeb, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and head of the Department of Physics and Star Evolution at the Russian Institute of Astronomy, where he predicted that the Earth in the next 11 years would experience a series of geomagnetic storms of different intensities that could It becomes a daily occurrence after this time.

The sun produces a geomagnetic storm. According to the expert, the star emits mass from its surface. This is a phenomenon that occurs regularly on its surface, but what makes the difference this time is that the ejection is directed towards the Earth.

This means that the significantly increased solar wind load is beginning to reach Earth as of September 1, and by Thursday, September 2, it will reach level 2.

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