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Leticia Calderon's son empowers the Down Syndrome community with a message of love

Leticia Calderon’s son empowers the Down Syndrome community with a message of love

mark International Day of Persons with DisabilitiesAnd Invitation to produce Salé Sol Leticia Calderon and his 17-year-old son Luciano to give a lecture, where the actress’s Down Syndrome son ended up giving an emotional conversation to drivers and all viewers, ever since She asked them not to feel sorry for them, because they only want respect.

During the participation, the actress confirmed this Before the arrival of her son she did not know what Down syndrome is, He even asserted that he believed he could be removed, but now, after 17 years of experiencing what might be the purest love for someone, he regrets that there is no school in the country that accepts people with this disability.

“I think from Telethon we have a little more awareness of what a disability is, but we really lack a lot as a country. There is great ignorance and it works because we don’t have to know everything so clearly”The Mexican actress began her speech, adding that thanks to a program for people with disabilities, her son will be able to study a university degree and thus fulfill the dream of becoming a doctor, biologist or lawyer, because her future is still uncertain.

emotional moment

After talking about the situation in the country and their son’s future, he gives them time face to face, where she shows him all the love she loves for him, because she hopes he can make his dream come true. ; But he also hopes that tomorrow he will show who he really is and all his abilities. Another important point is that he hopes that tomorrow the companies will give him the opportunity to work.

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“In one way or another, we all have different abilities and disabilities You are so different and special, I love you because you are different and not because you are different you are lesssaid the Mexican actress.

When she talked about Down syndrome, she said that it should actually be called love syndrome because they are people who have a lot of love, they have a lot of sensitivity. And later, he remembered his son’s words when he asserted that they were very smart and that was not the reason why he should pity him, But respect for him and all people with disabilities.

Down syndrome is a blessing. I hope all families have a chance to have someone with Down syndrome In their lifetime, this world would really be very different, it would be a world full of love.”