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Consultor jurídico “desvincula” Presidencia de impedimento de salida a Jean Alain

Legal adviser Jean Allen is preventing him from leaving the presidency

Andoliano Peralta, the legal adviser to the executive branch, reiterated that President Luis Abinader had “no connection” with the lawsuit against the public ministry, saying he did not know why former lawyer Jean-Alain Rodriguez was barred from leaving.

Inviting a show called Sol de los Cepado on the Jole 106.5 radio station, an official with a seat at the National Palace defined himself as “respecting the law.”

“I am a legal expert and a citizen who advocates for law and order. What happened to the former lawyer is a matter for the public ministry, I do not know the details at this time and it is very small whether there was order or not, “said Peralta.

Since Louis Abinader, the government’s adviser, has been committed to ensuring that his government respects the independence of the public prosecutor’s office, and when Miriam takes the oath of office in German and Yeni Bernice, he tells them to “obey the laws and regulations of justice alone.”

Antoliano Peralta, as a citizen and in his career, argued that he should always respect the law, and now he will not change because he holds an interim position because “power is short and temporary.”

As an impediment to the departure of former attorney Jean-Alain Rodriguez, the legal adviser to the executive branch, by not handling all the details of the alleged action, pointed out that he could not say whether there was a breach or not, but if not he clarified that the order could be “obtained that there were some breaches”.

Yesterday, Jean-Alain Rodriguez confirmed that he would be barred from traveling to the United States, “without being placed as a barrier to leaving the country.”

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Rodriguez spoke to the evening newspaper El National, pointing out that “the barrier to his exit has provided a measure of coercion against the people.”