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LeBron James makes an unexpected move to beat Curry in the first game

Although it is a team sport, it is impossible to ignore the individual hierarchy. Golden State Warriors And Los Angeles Lakers They are more than two respected teams in the NBABut the meeting captured all the flashes due to the confrontation between LeBron James And Stephen Curry, which made it so popular that the first of them looked for a thousand ways to win the “one-on-one duel”. And at least in the first duel he succeeded …

The two most admired basketball stars in the world knew that in the midst of parity, any emotional factor could tip the balance in a team’s favor. That’s why in the introduction to commitment, curry They asked him who could stop him after he scored half a hundred points in Game 7 of qualifiers. Far from showing restraint or humility, the response was epic: “We hope we never find out.” star video Golden State It has more than 150,000 views Twitter in less than 24 hours.

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LeBron enjoys the media game, but this time he didn’t respond in the virtual world but did so on the court, as he tried to obliterate his opponent. In the first half, he chased after him Steve From the center of the court to the platform dubHe stayed while greeting the coaches and his teammates, then spoke with them; Curry never made eye contact and waited for him to walk away, knowing it was part of the taunt of the match.

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The NBA star will never leave Curry alone

During a video that went viral, Curry, mouth guard hanging down, can be seen shaking his head as LeBron appears to be speaking in his direction. James continues to talk about Carrie’s whereabouts and even after a star Golden State He sits on the seat again. Despite this, the Warriors’ benches don’t quite interact with James Jonathan CumingaAnd Gary Payton II And Kenny Atkinson They seemed to be smiling at the opponent’s stark reaction.


Previously there was a scale

LeBron James He knows better than anyone how complicated the games against the Warriors can be, loading his record with three consecutive losing quarterfinals played with Knights between 2015 and 2018. In King’s good memories, the final match he won with distinction Ohio in 2016


Wonderful average

In 22 head-to-head qualifying from NBAAnd Stephen Curry He won 15 times, but the King never disappointed with his performance, coming close to triple-doubling average (33 points, 11.5 rebounds and 9.3 assists). “It is special to know that from the first meeting in 2015 until today, we have the blessing of being able to continue playing at this level,” Al-Qaeda said. Golden State Warriors.


They have earned respect

“We’re all excited to play against them. It’s a legendary franchise. Warriors-Lakers, it’s been a long time since that happened,” he said. Clay ThompsonArchery guard for warriors.


Hard numbers

In playoff history, there have been seven series and Golden State has lost six times to Los Angeles. His only win (3-0) dates back to 1967, although he will try to repeat it in the current NBA season.

Another unusual job

Although orange ball fans live with comparisons to try to decide who is the best, they know they are contemporary and enjoying themselves at the same time. Every time they had to make a value judgment about the other, the words were always loaded with respect.

with that background LeBron James “I have nothing but great respect for Steve,” he said when the king Stephen was found at the scoring table during the first game between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, and the secret conversation between the two league stars came to pass. NBA.

NBA geniuses have always shown respect for each other

Such was the closeness that Curry and LeBron showed in the Warriors’ 112- to 117-point loss against the Lakers that they covered their mouths. Although it was impossible to detect what they were talking about, it was possible to visualize a series of smiles in a video that had thousands of copies and views on Twitter. Twitter.