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LeBron James fined for celebrating against Indiana

LeBron James fined for celebrating against Indiana

Los Angeles Lakers player, LeBron James he is fined by a celebration before team Indiana Pacers On the NBA.

LeBron James made a big splash for the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday when he beat the Indiana Pacers, 124-116, in a thrilling competition.

LeBron hit a pair of assists in overtime, and in a slightly surprising move, the four-time NBA champion threw an NSFW celebration to express his excitement after one particular big hit.

LeBron got his famous muffler back against the Pacers, but that’s not the thing we’re talking about here. The Lakers star also broke the big ball gesture after hitting a dagger in overtime. James doesn’t seem to regret it either, even deciding to broadcast the incident via Instagram:

The NBA fined LeBron James $15,000 for celebrating Sam Cassel on 3 crucial points in the Lakers’ victory over Indiana.

James clearly has no regrets for his outrageous gesture although this might justify a hefty NBA fine. Recently, Toronto Raptors goalkeeper Fred Vanfleet was fined $15,000 after a similar player was injured.

The Lakers star is not above the rules, so unless the NBA blinds us here, LeBron should also expect a warrant from Commissioner Adam Silver very soon.

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