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Learn how to use the new tool

Learn how to use the new tool

Google has introduced a new tool that allows you to learn English for free on mobile devices running the Android operating system. This feature will allow foreign language skills to be improved through short three- to five-minute sessions, with real-time feedback.

The feature is activated when users use the search engine to perform translations into English. During these interactive sessions, they encounter questions from everyday life to practice using words in real situations. Google will analyze your pronunciation and provide example sentences to which these words might apply.

This method of learning the language through the Google application is similar to what Duolingo has been offering for years. The tool includes a calendar for scheduling practice sessions and a log of words they have learned or practiced, with a color-coding system to assess their pronunciation.

To provide personalized feedback, Google partners with teachers and English language teaching professionals. The tool uses authentic contexts and relies on repetition to increase learning retention. Users will receive feedback on the correctness and understanding of their answers.

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If they came across an unknown word or phrase, they were able to translate it individually. Google has taken into account the relationship between words and sentences to avoid out-of-context translations, as some words can have different meanings depending on the context in which they are used.

This function will be integrated into the Google app on Android in the following days, so you will only need to update it and will be available to users in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, India and Indonesia. The technology company promised to expand it to more countries in the future, although it did not commit to a specific date.