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"large sewers";  Martinoli stole himself after winning

“large sewers”; Martinoli stole himself after winning

Mexico City /

Toluca was hit by Pachuca In the first stage of the final, during which the Apertura 2022 champion was practically determined in mexican football. One of the most famous fans of the Red Devils is Christian Martinoli During the broadcast of the match, He couldn’t hide the suffering than I was seeing.

When the fifth goal fell De los Tozos, the irreverent narrator I asked the warrior if there was still room in the sewer. For sausage lovers.

This lament This was in reference to his controversial phrase in the bosom semi-finalsAnd the When Toluca defeated America.

Azteca TV cameras captured Alejandro Zendegas looks into the sewers In the last minutes of the match and Martinoli noted that “through those sewers America was leaving“.

After eliminating the vultures, born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, he was mocked on social networks. this Thursday, Twitter users didn’t forget his comments and gave him everything.

The Red Devils fell 1-5 against Pachucain which they will have to win by four goals against Hidalgo to force overtime and with five goals to return, which would be a real achievement.

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