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La Jornada - Basic science should be the priority for researchers at SNI

La Jornada – Basic science should be the priority for researchers at SNI

The National Council on Science and Technology (CONASET) has released the results of the 2021 call for entry, promotion and sustainability of the National System of Researchers (SNI), which this year includes 36 thousand 714 researchers.

The board reported that the assessment process “prioritized the promotion of basic science and frontier research, as well as the teaching work of researchers from SNI, which had previously been descending on assessments. Work towards solving major national challenges was also commended.”

He stated that the number of applications received in the aforementioned call amounted to 15,520, of which 7,753 were from existing members who sought to maintain their distinction, and 7,767 were from new applicants.

3,649 new admission applications were approved, of which 1,717 received a nomination; 1920 at the first level; Nine certified level two, while three earned level three. On the other hand, 5,810 renewal applications were approved. Of these 4 thousand 167 obtained the first level; 66 thousand reached the second level, and 389 to the third certified level.

Among the researchers promoted to the third level of the stimulus is Simon Barqueira Cervera, director of the Center for Research in Nutrition and Health at the National Institute of Public Health. Maria del Pilar Caron, Director of the Nuclear Sciences Institute at UNAM; and Oscar Arias Carrion, an expert in degenerative diseases from the Institute of Cellular Physiology.

The number of SNI members whose period of distinction ended in 2021 was 9 thousand 38, of which 753 submitted 7 thousand applications to remain according to the following: 4 thousand 890 researchers applied for the first level; 2 thousand 41 for the second level and 822 for the third level, Conacyt reported.

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